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Bresha Webb And Husband Nick Jones Jr. Have Announced Their Pregnancy

Webb And Husband Nick Jones Have Announced

Bresha Webb And Husband Nick Jones Have Announced Their Pregnancy. Webb, who took a Clearblue pregnancy test in August after getting “this feeling,” voiced support for the brand’s partner March of Dimes and their work to promote awareness for Black maternal and infant health..

Bresha Webb’s family is growing by one!

The 39-year-old actress is expecting her first child with her husband, Nick Jones Jr., whom she married in February, according to People.

Bresha Webb And Husband Nick Jones Have Announced Their Pregnancy. Webb was “super surprised” to know about her bun in the oven, saying that she had frozen her eggs five years before and anticipated more preparation, including a trip to the doctor.

In August, the pair took a Clearblue pregnancy test after Webb said she had “this feeling” – with Jones taping the whole event.

“We had the Clearblue digital pregnancy test, and it came up pregnant, and I was like, ‘Whoa. Wow.'” It’s a good thing. We are quite thankful.” Webb added that she had a pregnancy test on hand at all times “because you just never know.”

The “Run The World” actress said that her husband sobbed tears of delight when he discovered the positive pregnancy test. McKenzie, Jones Jr.’s 7-year-old daughter from a previous relationship, is overjoyed to be a big sister as well.

“I think we’re both looking forward to the whole thing, the journey of it all,” Webb remarked of her spouse. “I don’t want to miss a thing — I feel like Aerosmith.”

As they prepare for their new baby in the spring, the couple is also looking forward to their upcoming “wig gender reveal party,” when loved ones will attend wearing a blue or pink wig based on whether they believe the baby is male or female.

Webb noted that although she would like a girl since that is what her bonus daughter wants, she is keeping her options open and is just concerned about giving birth to a healthy kid during an easy delivery.

The actress, who also supports Clearblue’s partner March of Dimes and their efforts to raise awareness about Black maternal and infant health, says she’s had a fantastic pregnancy so far and hasn’t been ill much.

She’s also thinking about her father, who died a year and a half ago, and feels the baby is his gift to her.

“I’d like to enjoy the delivery.” “I want to enjoy growing up,” Webb continued, according to People. “Becoming a mother and feeling the baby is a beautiful process.” I believe we’re both enjoying the process of growing and becoming better people, as well as being parents to this kid we’ll meet.”


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