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Lil Wayne Says, “We Swing For The Fences, Man,” in Response To Andre 3000’s Remark About Hip-Hop Aging Is “Depressing”

Wayne responded to Andre 3000

Wayne responded to Andre 3000 by emphasizing that an artist’s passion or ability to create meaningful music should not be limited by age. The “Got Money” rapper denied the “Ms. Jackson” rapper’s assertion that as musicians get older, their music becomes “inauthentic.”

André 3000’s remarks regarding aging and rapping just hit home with Lil Wayne.

Wayne responded to Andre 3000 by emphasizing that an artist’s passion or ability to create meaningful music should not be limited by age. After the Outkast member, 48, said, “Sometimes it feels inauthentic for me to rap,” Lil Wayne revealed on his Young Money Radio program with Tyga that Andre 3000’s remarks made him upset.

“I read a depressing quote or two from someone that I respect a lot in hip-hop and music, period,” Wayne (né Dwayne Michael Carter Jr.), 41, told Tyga, 34.

“They were asked, ‘Why you ain’t been doing music?’ and they were like, ‘Man, what am I going to talk about?'” What am I going to speak about now that I’m in my forties? What do you want to know about me turning 40 and my life at this age? ‘What am I meant to say?'”

After providing a brief synopsis of the anonymous artist’s interview, Wayne said, “I feel like I have everything to talk about —”

“I feel like you gotta stay in it,” Tyga (né Micheal Ray Stevenson) remarked. You must persevere. I don’t think you’re too far away.”

Wayne concurred and explained how he feels Andre 3000’s words would be a “downfall” in his career. The “Mrs. Officer” rapper revealed that when he joins “verses and features,” he “turns on,” even if he sometimes doesn’t know “what the hell goes on” during the song.

“I don’t know that guy, I just know that he always comes through,” Wayne said.

Andre 3000’s (né André Lauren Benjamin) interview for GQ’s Man of the Year series, in which he described why rapping seems inauthentic for him, preceded the two rappers’ chat.

“I don’t have anything to say in that manner. “I’m 48 years old,” he said. “And not to say that age is a thing that dictates what you rap about, but in a way it does.”

The “Ms. Jackson” rapper told the magazine that he hasn’t recorded solo raps since Outkast split up because he hasn’t tried hard enough. It’s because he’s been around the block, having debuted in Atlanta with his partner Big Boi back in the ’90s.

The hitmaker, who last released a full-length album with Outkast in 2006, also revealed how many times he’s attempted to record rap music. “I’ve collaborated with some of the industry’s newest, freshest, youngest, and oldest producers.” I’m always getting beats. “I try to write all the time,” the “Hey Ya!” singer said.

The artist released New Blue Son, a new solo album of woodwind music, on November 17 — and 17 years later.


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