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Tiny Harris Responds to the False Rumor That T.I. Isn’t King Harris’ Real Father

T.I. is not the biological father of 19-year-old

T.I. is not the biological father of 19-year-old King Harris. Most stories say that King and his father are at odds after an alleged incident during the Atlanta Falcons’ victorious game over the New Orleans Saints last Sunday, Nov. 26.

After venting his grievances online, people started looking into additional allegations about King, as well as direct complaints from his six siblings about their parents.

But the rumor that piqued Tiny’s interest called into doubt the young rap star’s paternity — and now the Xscape singer is clearing the air.

The chart-topper, who is most known for his popular song “Understanding,” came across a story made by gossip website The Uncutt, which included a snapshot of a Facebook post by Triqsta B’me.

T.I. is not the biological father of 19-year-old King Harris. “I Just Got Word From A Reputable Source… #King Was Told His Biological Father Is #Bimmy Ant That’s Why He Said #Tips,” the post stated. History Is a Mysterious… And It’s All Cap… Someone Call #Maury #LaurenLondon… Clifford Harris, we want to hear from you. #YouAreNotTheFather.”

Bimmy is purportedly linked to Deb Antney, Waka Flocka’s mother, according to the page. Fans immediately spotted the former Supreme Team gang member and Def Jam music executive’s fair-skinned, reddish hair and freckles, prompting similarities to old photographs of King, and a face that was notably different from the other Harris children.

“ALL T.I. sons look like him except King BUT if he claiming him as his son then that’s his son,” a witness said. People quickly jumped into her comments, writing, “Probably because he looks more like his mama, but hey.”

Tiny responded to the picture on her Instagram Story, saying, “Man this is the biggest bulls—t ever!!!” I mean no offense, but I don’t even know Bimmy like that! “All he did was remind me of who he was.” She went on to say, “Quit playing with us for clickbait b—h.”

She wrote on X, “A falsehood doesn’t matter who tells it……” and “Stop toying with my family for clickbait! “I’ve had my fill!”

Fans urge people to cease playing with the Harris family because of their parenting and King’s actions.

“What is this HATE the HARRIS’ week all about?” Jesus. “Merry Christmas, Grinches,” one individual exclaimed. “Being famous is so stressful man,” wrote another. The judgment, lying, spying, and other things done to these folks are just ludicrous. This isn’t humorous at all; it’s awful.”

“I blame the king for giving people room to play with his family like that,” said one observer.

While King has never publicly questioned his father’s identity, he did ask on social media whether he was a “mistake” after his and his father’s public altercation had people searching further into their family life.

The 19-year-old said, “If ima a mistake say dat stop making the world think u fw me when you don’t 100.”

Other events have occurred in addition to statements regarding Tip not being King’s biological father.

People have been attempting to profit from the family feud since Sunday, November 27.

Elleven 45, an Atlanta club promoter, sought to increase revenue by putting up a billboard stating that T.I. and King were having a party at his “R&B Wednesday.”

In a video that has gone viral, the “What You Know” rapper slams the party promoter, stating, “N—a, you can speak to me. Nothing is going on till then.”

“Ain’t nobody getting anything going,” he continued. Nothin’! contact who you need to contact and do what you need to do because nothing is happening. There was no money, no drink, no partying, no sections, nothing! You put my name and mine on the motif—kin flyer, n—a, give me everything, and don’t play with me if you can’t.”

“I’m not sure if you’re from around here, but n—a don’t play with me in this city.” “This is my mother—kin city,” he said.

The promoter appeared to have made good with T.I. He and King were subsequently spotted together at the “R&B Wednesday” party, cutting a rug and having a good time. Domani, T.I.’s other kid, was also there. The two younger Harris brothers took the stage and performed their new song, “Father Like Sons,” dedicated to the “Trap Muzik” classic.


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