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Video of Young Thug YSL Affiliate Lil Woody Cooperating with Prosecutors Emerges. Fans React to the “snitching”

A three-hour long footage of Lil Woody cooperating with prosecutors has emerged which has left fans divided.  Lil Woody can be seen in the video cooperating with the authorities telling them about a probable murder that might take place soon.

“Somebody is going to get killed tonight,” Wood tells officers interrogating him. “This is a murder that’s about to take place with some very hot people and the stuff I know right now should help me with my situation,” he adds.

One of the prosecutors can be heard in the video telling him that they would put in a word with the District Attorney and tell them they Wood cooperated.

Woody responded to the video with a post on Instagram, “I sat in jail days nights months years didn’t know my outcome didn’t call on god didn’t cry or cooperate. I started working on understanding myself realizing who I am and what I’m worth. Jail gave me time to think grow and understand only point I have to prove is showing my people that whatever we put out mind to we can do it. Stay away from bad energy focus and believe in yourself.”

But many fans were unamused, pointed out that the man took to Instagram and acted like he didn’t snitch for three hours straight. Lil Woody became the target of ridicule on social media for his “snitching.”

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Written by Aliyah Collins