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Chris Brown Denies Banning Black Women from VIP Section at His Event

Chris Brown has denied accusations that he banned Black women from entering his VIP section at a London night club.

Controversy erupted after a Black fan uploaded a video to social media on Saturday night claiming that she was denied access to the VIP Section where Brown was hosting on account of her being black. The fan claimed that she was denied access despite her name being on the VIP guestlist at the venue.

“We were supposed to go see Chris Brown,” the fan said in her video. “We got there and there were thousands of girls lining up and they’re not getting in… They said, ‘No Black girls allowed’.”

Her friend adds, “They’re literally handpicking these white girls in the queue.”

Brown responded to the allegation in an Instagram post on Sunday, “STOP IT. I have Black queens all around me.”


After Chris Brown’s reply, one of the women made a clarification: “That video had absolutely nothing to do with Chris Brown. The only reason why his name was mentioned was because we were going to a club where he was hosting at.”

Chris Brown is on a tour of the United Kingdom and Ireland.

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Written by Aliyah Collins