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Trump RICO Defendant Trevian Kutti May Face Jail Over Alleged Witness Intimidation

Trump RICO Defendant Trevian Kutti May Face Jail

Trump RICO Defendant Trevian Kutti May Face Jail Over Alleged Witness Intimidation. In a bizarre turn of events surrounding Donald Trump’s RICO case in Georgia, another loyalist, Trevian Kutti, finds herself in hot water for potential witness intimidation, raising questions about the consequences of violating court orders.

Kutti, indicted on three felony counts related to racketeering, influencing witnesses, and conspiracy, took to Instagram Live, seemingly harassing and threatening Ruby Freeman and her daughter, Wandrea Arshaye “Shaye” Moss. Legal experts suggest that Kutti’s actions might constitute witness intimidation, a violation of her bond agreement.

Trump RICO Defendant Trevian Kutti May Face Jail Over Alleged Witness Intimidation. “Ms. Kutti has a First Amendment right to comment and certainly did not violate her bond.” – Steve Greenberg, attorney for Trevian Kutti.

During the Instagram Live session, Kutti refrained from explicitly mentioning Freeman or Moss but made ominous references. She alluded to a woman who would have her life disrupted, prompting concerns about explicit threats. Amy Lee Copeland, a criminal defense attorney, remarked, “If this isn’t an explicit threat, it’s awfully close.”

Kutti’s video also touched upon her previous interactions with Freeman, hinting at the content of a police body cam recording from January 2021. The recording captured a conversation between Kutti and Freeman at a Cobb County precinct. Kutti’s statements, like “there’s a woman sitting somewhere who knows this whole thing is a lie,” suggest a possible attempt to discredit Freeman and Moss.

The $75,000 bond agreement for Kutti explicitly prohibits any action intended to intimidate co-defendants or witnesses. Moreover, it restricts her from posting case-related information on social media. Despite these conditions, Kutti’s attorney, Steve Greenberg, argued that her Instagram video did not violate the bond terms and emphasized her First Amendment right to comment.

Greenberg’s assertion, however, raises questions about the accountability of Trump’s associates who seemingly flout court orders. The case echoes a similar incident involving Black Voices for Trump executive director Harrison Floyd, another figure in Trump’s RICO case. Floyd faced criticism for mocking the Fulton County DA and engaging in inappropriate behavior on social media, leading to attempts to revoke his bond agreement.

In Floyd’s case, the judge modified the bond agreement to prevent him from speaking or posting about witnesses or individuals involved in the case. The leniency displayed in Floyd’s situation underscores a recurring theme of Trump associates pushing the boundaries without facing severe consequences.

Fulton County DA Fani Willis holds the key to how Kutti’s situation unfolds. She may choose to seek jail time for Kutti, strengthen the bond agreement terms, or even consider new charges for witness intimidation or obstruction. The outcome will shed light on whether the legal system can effectively curb the brazen actions of Trump’s allies, who seem undeterred by the prospect of violating court orders.


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