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DA dropped charges against 17 Austin policemen accused of assault on George Floyd protestors.

DA dropped charges against 17 Austin policemen

DA dropped charges against 17 Austin policemen accused of assault on George Floyd protestors. The Travis County District Attorney’s office in Texas made an intriguing decision after a grand jury indicted over 20 Austin police officers for felony charges related to the assault of George Floyd protesters.

DA dropped charges against 17 Austin policemen accused of assault on George Floyd protestors.


In a recent social media update, José Garza’s office revealed that “we will not be pursuing charges against 17 of the officers, but instead, we will proceed with prosecuting four of them.”

Although it is not unusual for charges against police officers to be dismissed despite allegations of abuse, the narrative does not conclude there.

The district attorney’s office and the City of Austin have come together to send a joint letter to the Department of Justice, calling for an investigation into the Austin Police Department’s conduct during the events of Summer 2020.

Austin Mayor Kirk Watson expressed his anticipation for a fresh start after a challenging chapter for the city.

He stated that “these announcements would enable police officers, who were greatly affected by the indictments, to resume their duty in serving the community”.

“Additionally, the request for a third-party performance review aims to promote transparency within the community and guide future actions in efforts to establish respect and trust for the police force.”

In his public statement regarding the investigation and dismissal of the indictments, Garza’s tone took a marked shift. He expressed concern over parents worrying about their children being harmed while peacefully exercising their First Amendment rights to assemble.

Garza emphasized the importance of the Department of Justice addressing this matter seriously and collaborating with Mayor Watson, Interim APD Chief Robin Henderson, and the City Council to guarantee complete cooperation with the investigation.

Additionally, he stated their commitment to holding law enforcement accountable if they violate the law. As of now, there has been no public response from the Justice Department regarding the letter.

However, this is not the first instance of intervention by the department to investigate police misconduct during the Summer of 2020.

In a previous occurrence, the Justice Department declared the completion of its investigation into the Minneapolis Police Department. The investigation revealed that both the department and the City of Minneapolis have been involved in a consistent pattern of behavior that violates the U.S. Constitution and federal law.

Only time will reveal if the department undergoes any changes due to external intervention, as well as if the officers whose charges were not dismissed will have their day in court.


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