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Trooper Accused Of Hiding Body-Camera Footage Testifies In Black Driver’s Murder

Trooper Accused Of Hiding Body Camera

Trooper Accused Of Hiding Body Camera Footage Testifies In Black Driver’s Murder. The commanding officer on the scene, Lt. John Clary, has consented to testify in Master Trooper Kory York’s trial. Master Trooper York is a former colleague who is accused of negligent murder in this case.

Trooper Accused Of Hiding Body Camera Footage Testifies In Black Driver’s Murder. According to use-of-force specialists, York is accused of making the stocky Greene lay facedown and shackled for almost nine minutes, which probably made it difficult for him to breathe.

Union Parish district attorney John Belton said, “Mr. Clary has and will continue to cooperate with the state and testify truthfully in this matter.”

The reason for the prosecution’s decision to drop the obstruction of justice case against Clary before he gave his evidence was not immediately apparent, and his promised cooperation is not mentioned in the dismissal’s single paragraph.

Although York is scheduled to go on trial in 2019, he requests an appeal court to vacate his charge, having admitted to prosecutors that they had erred in permitting a use-of-force expert to examine protected remarks York had made during an internal affairs investigation.

Although these forced interviews are prohibited from criminal prosecutions, they may be used to reprimand police administratively.

At first, Greene’s death on May 10, 2019, was attributed by state police to a vehicle collision that occurred during a high-speed pursuit.

The Associated Press was able to get and publish the body-camera film that showed white troopers encroaching on Greene before he could exit his vehicle as he sobbed, “I’m your brother!” after authorities refused to disclose it for more than two years. I’m terrified.

The only video that captures the moment when a bleeding, shackled Greene sighs beneath the weight of two troopers, twitches, and eventually stops is Clary’s film.

Of the five cops accused in connection with Greene’s death last year, just two remain on trial after the dismissal of Clary’s indictment. Earlier this year, two more troopers’ obstruction charges were dropped by a court.

Other than York, there are just two accusations of misconduct against Chris Harpin, the former deputy sheriff of Union Parish, who allegedly taunted Greene until he passed out.

The US Justice Department has been urged to file its prosecution against Louisiana State Police troopers for their dismissals following a grand jury inquiry into whether they violated justice by shielding the troopers involved in Greene’s detention. The inquiry has led to federal prosecutors considering civil rights charges for years.

Clary, who was discharged, may be able to rejoin the Louisiana State Police, where he was put on administrative leave in December after being indicted. The department will investigate the termination before deciding whether to bring Clary back.

State Police records show that Clary lied to investigators about Greene’s resistance, saying he was “still trying to get away and was not cooperating.”

However, these statements were contradicted by body camera footage and were intended to justify further uses of force by troopers against Greene. Detective Albert Paxton stated that the video evidence did not show Greene screaming, resisting, or trying to get away.

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Written by Aliyah Collins