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Trey Songz’s Sexual Scandal Unveils Shocking Bribery Accusations

Having fought a sexual assault lawsuit for a while, Trey Songz is now asking for the case to be fully dismissed because he believes his alleged victim is lying about his offer of payment.

Jauhara Jeffries, the alleged victim, stated in court documents acquired by Radar Online that Songz reportedly paid her $200,000 to fabricate the attack, which she alleges took place in a Miami nightclub in 2021.

Jeffries is suing the “Bottoms Up” singer for $20 million. Jeffries also claimed that she first met the singer at Diddy’s residence in 2018.

On the other hand, Trey Songz offers a different account, one that is supported by a witness called Mariah Thielen who asserted to have been at the Miami nightclub on the relevant night together with Jeffries and Songz.

Thielen claims that Jeffries’ attempt to record Songz in the club, which Songz did not want her to do, is what sparked the altercation.

Songz had his security pull Jeffries away from him after he insisted that Jeffries cease filming him.

Additionally, Thielen stated under oath that shortly after the event, Jeffries’ lawyer invited her to lunch and made her an offer to lie on his client’s behalf in exchange for “between $100,000 and $200,000, depending on the size of the judgment awarded.”

This was done in an effort to “paint him as the next R. Kelly.”

Through his lawyer, Trey Songz is requesting that the whole lawsuit be dismissed in light of this recently discovered testimony.The motion has not received a judge’s decision.

However, Trey Songz is dealing with other sexual assault cases as well.

Earlier this month, a woman, using the pseudonym “Jane Doe” to protect her privacy, filed a lawsuit seeking $10 million in damages for sexual battery and assault, alleging that Trey Songz grabbed her and exposed her breast at a pool party in Connecticut’s Foxwoods Resort in August 2013 after she merely tried to take a photo with the musician.

The musician (real name Tremaine Neverson) is shown yanking the complainant’s bathing suit top, dropping it, and exposing her breast in a video that was shot by a friend of the accuser and then uploaded to TMZ.

The court filings stated that Trey Songz chanted “Titty in The Open… Titty in The Open” after the attack, “in what appeared to be an attempt to further terrify and humiliate [the woman]”

In the case, Kevin Liles, Atlantic Records, and Trey Songz’s production firm were all named by Jane Doe. She claimed that these parties were “negligent in their supervision of their client” and as a result, accountable for his deeds.

According to the accuser’s lawyer, George Vrabeck, “Entities like Atlantic Records and important executives like Kevin Liles must reevaluate their obligations toward ensuring the safety and dignity of everyone at any event associated with their artists.” “My client demands openness, responsibility, and putting safety before profits.”

But it’s important to keep in mind that, similar to the Jeffries case, Jane Doe allegedly sought $5 million from Songz to make the matter “go away,” an offer that Songz later rejected.

Artist Trey Songz is signed to Warner Music. A separate division of Warner Music Group, Hip Hop DX.

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Written by Anthony Peters