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The suspect in the murder of four neighbors in Georgia is shot dead.

According to Henry County Sheriff Reginald Scandreff, the suspect, named by officials as Andre L. Longmore, was the target of a large manhunt in southwest Georgia and suspected of being armed and dangerous when he was trapped and slain.

Longmore’s death circumstances, including the location of the deadly altercation, were not immediately revealed. Sandreff said two cops were injured in the gunfight with Longmore: a Henry County sheriff’s deputy and a Clayton County police officer.

Longmore’s death was announced as the Henry County Sheriff’s Office prepared to conduct an afternoon press conference on the manhunt on Sunday. The press conference was postponed.

The identities of those slain in the horrific attack Saturday morning in Hampton, roughly 40 miles south of Atlanta, have not been disclosed because their family have not been notified. According to investigators, all of the victims are adults.

The incident, which occurred at 10:45 a.m. Saturday, is still being investigated. Longmore is accused of murdering at least four people in close proximity in the Dogwood Lakes community in Hampton, roughly 40 miles south of Atlanta, according to Henry County officials.

Scandrett stated that four murder warrants had been issued for Longmore.

Frankie Worth, a neighborhood resident, claimed the guy was carrying a black revolver and fatally shot his neighbor.

“I was about to open the window when I heard pow,” Worth told ABC affiliate WSB-TV in Atlanta.

“When I opened the window, I saw (the gunman’s) arms up, and he’s coming back down.”

According to Worth, his neighbor looked to be attempting to flee when he was tragically shot.

He said that after shooting his neighbor, the gunman examined his weapon “and realized the shot was good.”

“When he realized the shot was good, he took the weapon, checked it for a minute, and put it in his holster,” Worth explained, adding that the gunman looked about before fleeing on foot.

Another resident stated that the shooter was rushing along a road while firing at random individuals.

“He was running down the road, took a shot, and then took off running out of the neighborhood, and that’s the last we’ve seen of him,” the unidentified resident told WSB-TV.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation and “every Metro Atlanta police and public safety agency” were among the authorities participating in the search for Long more.

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Written by Anthony Peters