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Texas Christian University Coach’s Speech About Consent Goes Viral

A viral speech by Texas Christian University’s football assistant coach has gone viral, receiving widespread praise. The video was shared by Eron Hodges, Director of recruiting and defensive analyst on Instagram.

“You’re with the young lady,” Kazadi, who is the assistant athletic director for football human performance at TCU, tells the players. “She has to consent to every act.”

“So, if you were in the car,” Kazadisaid, “that does not mean that something has to go down at the apartment.” He explained, “does not mean something else has to happen at the apartment.”

Kazani, who was a linebacker for Tulsa, told players they have no right to send explicit pictures to girls or pass offensive comments.

“She has every right to turn around and press charge against you,” he said. “If you’re not quite sure what the (expletive) to say, picture it being your little sister or your mother.”

A Female sports coach heaped praise on Kazadi: “His guys are always locked in, whether he’s actively yelling/moving at practice in Coach mode or calmly speaking to them man-to-man in mentor mode. A+ Coach!”

She described the speech as a great example of utilizing the moment and using your position to contribute positively.

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Written by Aliyah Collins