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Footage of Violence at Restaurant Owned by Rapper Yo Gotti Goes Viral

­Viral footage of violence at a Memphis restaurant with links to rapper YoGotti has emerged.

Police say that two people were killed and five others were injured at a Tennessee restaurant owned by YoGotti.

Two male victims lost their lives in the brawl. One was pronounced at the scene. Another lost his life in the local hospital. Five more victims, including one female, were taken to the hospital for injuries. The men were ages 37, 35, 31, and 30.

Arthur Horner, an attorney representing YoGotti issued a statement about the incident, claiming that this was the first time an incident like this had happened at the establishment.

“On behalf of Prive, they’ve been in business for 10 years, and nothing like this has ever happened at their establishment,” he said. “It happened out in the parking lot, and it ended up in a shootout.

“Nothing happened inside the restaurant. Despite any conflicting reports, they were closing, and this happened at the end of the evening in the parking lot.”

According to TMZ, YoGotti was not present at the restaurant at the time of the shooting. He was not in Memphis.

Billboard has reported that YoGotti bought the restaurant for his mother, Geraldine, who is the manager and chef of the establishment.

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Written by Aliyah Collins