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Tesehki In Massive Fight At “Baddies East” Reunion With Scarface, Sukihana & More

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It seems that the television program’s celebration get-together was a complete and utter chaos, which resulted in the opening of old wounds and the creation of new ones.

A reunion event for Baddies East was just conducted, and it was taped on Wednesday night (February 7). NeNe Leakes and Janeisha John were the attendees of the occasion.

Given the already chaotic nature of the event, it should come as no surprise that a fight broke out amongst members of the group while they were actually performing.

The fight that is being discussed the most is the one that took place between Tesehki and ET, better known as Scarface.

However, it has also been claimed that Sukihana, Rollie, Biggie, and other individuals came into conflict with one other. In response to this, one of Tesehki’s fans said on Twitter, “The way Tesehki ate et up!!!”

“Not one of et hits landed and this the round et said she won… lord help her she musta meant against Natalie.”

Furthermore, this not only reopened existing scars among the characters of Baddies East, but it also brought up fresh wounds all together. Despite this, emotions on social media soon erupted, and ET claims that Tesehki rushed her into the conversation. Rollie reportedly engaged in a fight with Biggie, Sapphire issued a challenge to ET to engage in a showdown, and Camila allegedly engaged in a fight with Rollie.

Furthermore, the security guard for ET said that Zeus Network security employees flaunted their weapons to those who were attempting to determine whether or not everyone was okay. Nevertheless, it is really surprising to see this battle take place, given that ET and Tesehki had seemed to have previously settled their concerns before to this fight.

During the Tesehki fight that took place at the Baddies East reunion on The Liddy Show, ET said, “The first round, I dropped her, and when I dropped her, that’s when they jumped me.”

“During the second round, she had struck me, and I attempted to back up, but there were two carpets in the way. It was a few of strikes in, but she had hit me. I stumbled and fell backwards because there was a carpet on top of another carpet. I fell backwards. They are going to edit it in her favour, and I am thinking to myself, “Oh man.”

The moment I got back up, I said to myself, “Let me run another one.” I was wearing the bonnet when we ran that one, and that’s when it went over my head. It was a well-fought battle.”

In the meanwhile, what are your thoughts on this in contrast to the regular shenanigans that they display on their show? In light of this, do you believe that they will be able to make amends? Regardless of the circumstances, please share your impressions in the comments area located below.

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Written by Aliyah Collins