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Shaquille O’Neal Lusts Over Ice Spice After Super Bowl Encounter

Taylor Swift Allegedly Got Kanye West Kicked Out

Shaquille O’Neal Lusts Over Ice Spice After Super Bowl Encounter. The NBA veteran took to Instagram on Monday (February 12), posting a photo of himself with the Bronx rapper, Taylor Swift, and others during the game in Las Vegas.

Despite his well-known struggles from the free throw line throughout his great basketball career, Shaq did not hesitate to fire at Ice Spice while thanking Taylor for introducing them.

“And @icespice is so damn fine, thanks @taylorswift,” he said in the post.
While Ice has yet to reply to Shaq’s praise, she did share a similar picture on her Instagram page, along with numerous more from her Super Bowl weekend.
She simply titled the slideshow, “W.”

Ice Spice attended Super Bowl LVIII with Taylor Swift and Blake Lively, where she could be spotted standing close to the “Shake It Off” singer during the Kansas City Chiefs’ triumph against the San Francisco 49ers.

During the game, she also participated in a commercial for PepsiCo’s beverage Starry, in which she had an unpleasant meeting with her “ex.”

Shaq is far from the only celebrity to express yearn over Ice Spice.
Playboi Carti has been flirting with the rapper since he mentioned her in his song “BACKR00MS” last month, rapping: “I think I need me an Ice Spice, yeah, I want me a munch.”

Carti then stepped up his love chase by sharing Spice’s birthday thirst trap on his Instagram Story.
The graphic presentation, which featured photographs of Ice flashing her posterior to the camera while wearing a figure-hugging tiny dress and thong, had already elicited a flurry of lustful responses from followers.

In reaction, the “Princess Diana” actress seemed to approve of Carti’s namedrop by publishing “BACKR00MS” on her own Instagram Stories, which Carti then reshared on his own page with a love eyes emoji.

Carti then tweeted a screenshot of a message from Ice Spice that stated “backr00ms” and included a suggestive kiss mark emoji.

The “Munch” hitmaker wore one of Carti’s bespoke Opium chains to the Super Bowl, and you can see it around her neck in the photo with Shaq.

Despite the fact that she seems to be openly courted by both Shaquille O’Neal and Playboi Carti, Ice Spice has previously disclosed that she is in a relationship.

Speaking to the media in October, the 24-year-old said that she was “currently dating someone” but declined to expose their name to the public because she wanted people to “keep their focus on what I’m here for, which is music.”

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Written by Aliyah Collins