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Georgia Primary School Teacher Reportedly Lined Up Students And Beat Them, Leaving Welts And Bruises; Mother Requests Charges: “I’d Be In Jail”

Teacher who reportedly lined up students and beat them

The shocking incident involved a Georgia Primary School Teacher who reportedly lined up students and beat them. According to reports, Britney Walker, the mother of a girl who attends Dutchtown Elementary in the suburb of Henry County in Atlanta, alleged that her daughter Nevaeh and other children were hit in the back while exiting the classroom after requesting a paraprofessional for laptop chargers. The worker’s identity has not been made known to the general public.

Shocking incident involved a Georgia Primary School Teacher who reportedly lined up students and beat them. According to her daughter, who spoke with the media about the incident, “She hit us in our backs, and we had two people that saw what happened.”

The person who brought us to the room said “Another teacher arrived to take us to the quiet room where we could write a statement about what had occurred,”.

This event also implicated four other kids who were there at the time.

According to the reports, the principal contacted Walker on Tuesday, prompting her to pick up her kid from school and bring her there herself. She said that someone had told her that Nevaeh “wasn’t sexually” but rather “physically assaulted.”

Walker said in an interview with the media. “Immediately when I looked at her back,” “Her back was red, and the marks looked like someone’s hand lines.”

The scratch marks on the child’s back are visible in photographsthe local news station acquired.

Henry County Schools stated that the employee in question was put on administrative leave pending the outcome of an inquiry. Walker went to the local police station the next day and filed a complaint, but she demanded greater responsibility.

She continued by saying, “There is no place where you can go and attack children without going to prison. If I were to mistreat my daughter, I would be sent to prison.

So why should we expect her to be any different? According to the media, she should never be allowed to work in a school system again.

After claiming that her autistic daughter had been the victim of verbal abuse at the hands of her instructors, a mother in Tennessee decided to take her child out of school.

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Written by Anthony Peters