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Child Was Strangled To The “Point Of Unconsciousness” During A Random House Invasion In Las Vegas

strangled to the 'point of unconsciousness'

The unfortunate incident of a child strangled to the ‘point of unconsciousness’ in a Las Vegas home invasion. Kareem Hollins, 33, is accused of attempting to kill a victim, kidnapping a victim, breaking into a property, and violence.

Officers responded to allegations of a house invasion on Thursday, October 26, on Hacienda Avenue and Maryland Parkway, located east of Harry Reid International Airport.

The unfortunate incident of a child strangled to the ‘point of unconsciousness’ in a Las Vegas home invasion. The reportstates that Hollins “forced his way into their apartment, strangled (the child), and beat him until he passed out.”

According to the police, a woman and her 11-year-old son were home at the time of the incident. Hollins was eventually recognized as the perpetrator of the crime.

Hollins, the mother informed the police, entered the house via the front entrance. After ordering the boy’s mother to leave the apartment during the home invasion, Hollins “locked himself in” with the child and continued to hold him captive. After around ten to fifteen minutes had passed, Hollins ran away after assisting a neighbor in shattering a window.

The toddler was discovered by the mother “on the kitchen floor unconscious from the suspect’s injuries,” according to the records.

After a brief foot pursuit, the police eventually located Hollins in the neighborhood, they claimed. While in custody, Hollins spontaneously claimed to have “choked” the child, according to police.

According to the police report, the youngster suffered injuries to the face, neck, chest, and back.

According to the police, they have reason to believe that Hollins is engaged in other thefts of a similar kind in the vicinity.

“This unsubstantiated attack could have easily resulted in the victim’s death,” the cops noted in their report on the incident.

At Hollins’ first court appearance, which took place a week ago, Judge Daniel Westmeyer rejected bail even though both prosecutors and Hollins’ defense counsel advocated for it. During the hearing on Tuesday, Judge Nadia Wood set Hollins’ bail at $300,000. The 14th of November was set aside for the preliminary hearing.

Hollins is accused of luring or tempting a minor or mentally ill person to engage in sexual activity via a computer in the city of Henderson. These allegations are based on data that the inquiry has examined.

Hollins was freed from detention in that instance. On Monday, prosecutors submitted a request to remove bail related to the Las Vegas case.

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Written by Anthony Peters