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IU Basketball Player Freshman Mackenzie MgbakoWas Detained At Taco Bell On A Misdemeanor Charge

smollett basketball mackenzie mgbako taco bell

smollett basketball mackenzie mgbako taco bell Journey. An officer at the Monroe County prison and the jail’s records state that Mgbako, 18, was booked in at 3:16 a.m. on Sunday on a pair of charges: criminal trespass and resisting law enforcement. Both of these allegations come from the Monroe County jail. Each one is considered a Class A infraction.

Officers located Mgbako at a Taco Bell located on East Third Street at around 2:15 a.m., according to the Bloomington police department, after management claimed that he refused to leave the premises.

Mgbako was not served at the drive-through lane because, as the managers explained to the responding cops, he was “cursing at and being rude to employees.”

According to the police, Mgbako first refused to identify himself but ultimately provided his identity. The law enforcement officers then requested the 18-year-old to relocate his car out of the drive-through lane; at this point, he moved his vehicle into a parking place.

After that, officers reportedly informed Mgbako that he needed to leave the premises, but refused to comply with their request. According to the arrest report, Mgbako at one time started to drive out of the lot but then turned around and parked his vehicle in one of the available spots at the restaurant. According to the report, officers repeatedly told Mgbako to leave for the subsequent 15 minutes, which led to the preliminary trespassing complaint being filed against him.

According to the complaint, Mgbako did not get out of the automobile even after law enforcement approached his vehicle to inform him that he was under arrest and needed to come out of the vehicle. According to the police, cops broke the glass on the vehicle’s passenger side with a baton to gain access to the vehicle.

According to the complaint, officers then took him from the car using physical force. He was arrested and brought to the Monroe County Jail after being handcuffed.

According to the information provided by the prison officer, Mgbako was freed after posting bail at 5:25 in the morning.

“IU Athletics is aware of the situation,” anIndiana University sports department representative stated. “We will continue to gather facts, cooperate with the legal process, and monitor it, and we will take additional action as the developing situation warrants,”

Mgbako, a five-star talent in the class of 2023, had planned to attend Duke, but he decided to reopen his recruitment and ultimately chose Indiana University over Kansas.

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Written by Aliyah Collins