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Young Florida Twins Found Dead at Home After Mother’s Bridge Leap

Young Florida Twins Found Dead

Young Florida Twins Found Dead at Home After Mother’s Bridge Leap. Seminole County Sheriff Dennis Lemma says 31-year-old CatorreiaHutto was rescued Friday morning after jumping from the Lake Jesup Bridge.

Two weeks ago, five-year-old twins Ahmad and Ava Jackson wore their UCP Seminole Charter School uniforms.

Friends, relatives, and neighbors mourn the children and their mother.A driver on the Lake Jesup Bridge saw Hutto leap over the edge and began everything.

“Mom jumps off the bridge, commits what is obviously now a suicide and what looks to be a homicide contained within this house,” said Lemma.

A pistol and ammunition were discovered in the bedroom where the kids were in bunk beds, but they were not shot. The medical examiner is crucial for death investigation.

It seems there is no blunt trauma. They did not seem to be shot “Lemma remarked. “There must be a means of death that the medical examiner can determine via toxicology studies, but no physical trauma. The two deputies who entered stated it appeared like two innocent 5-year-olds napping.”

Neighbours wonder what drove someone to kill innocent children and themselves.

My heart is shattered. Have empathy. I needn’t know her. My kid may not have had somebody to turn to “neighbor Latoshia Reynolds said.

“But I know that in my community, mental health is not being taken seriously,” he added. “She was a very hands-on mom for as far as I could see,” said neighbor Gabrielle Buggs.

Her nearest neighbor called Hutto “Tory”.

“Just a person trying to make it through life, the best way that she could,” he added.

Hutto seemed stressed, but she saw no indication of driving to the Lake Jesup bridge Friday morning and plunging off.

Investigators contacted Hutto’s mother. “The mom did relay to us that she has struggled throughout her lifetime with depression, but nothing to say she would act out with this level of violence with her children,” said Lemma.

The sheriff noted that disasters frequently follow a buildup, but not here. “There is no history here, there’s no history of allegations of abuse or neglect, or anything like that,” said Lemma.

“Mental health is very serious,” neighbor Kristin Ryczek remarked.

A single parent neighbor down the street understands how hard it is. “Having kids by yourself, single mother, is very, very hard,” said Ryczek.

The school, UCP Seminole Charter School, published a statement expressing sadness and sorrow at the tragic loss of two kindergarten pupils in Seminole County. UCP of Central Florida/UCP Charter Schools CEO and Superintendent Dr. Ilene E. Wilkins offered bereavement counseling to pupils, instructors, and school families immediately.

Hutto moved into her Seminole-Apopka Habitat for Humanity home over a year ago.

Contacting Habitat for Humanity for feedback. They declined.

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Written by Jamil Johnson