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Man Suspected Of Sexually Assaulting Hernando County Adolescent Hired Hitmen To Murder Her: HCSO

Sexually Assaulting Hernando County

Man Suspected Of Sexually Assaulting Hernando County Adolescent Hired Hitmen To Murder Her: HCSO. Isabella Scavelli, 17, a Hernando High School student, went to the Sheriff’s Office with a relative on February 6, 2023, to report being sexually beaten by 36-year-old Lenard White, also known as Len, Mike Williams, and Stick.

Man Suspected Of Sexually Assaulting Hernando County Adolescent Hired Hitmen To Murder Her: HCSO. Sheriff Al Nienhuis said Scavelli and the same relative who took her to the sheriff’s office answered their door the following night and were shot by two individuals.

Scavelli died, and the unidentified lady was gravely hurt. Sheriff Nienhuis said K9-equipped officers went to the residence on Hazel Avenue and Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. in Brooksville at 11:30 p.m. on February 7. He stated that the K9s traced a suspect or suspects and located a shoe near the murder site.

The sneaker included DNA from 22-year-old gang member Keshawn Woods, the sheriff said.

HCSO said White, the sexual battery suspect, was instantly suspected in the double shooting. Officials believe White spontaneously travelled to Georgia the day the youngster reported the alleged sexual abuse to construct an alibi to escape prosecution.

The sheriff alleged White hired Sheldon Robinson, 21, roughly $10,000 to kill the boy. Robinson requested for aid via social media stating he had a ‘clean up job’ to perform and he would reward anybody willing to help him $5,000 and cocaine, according to HCSO.

The sheriff said Woods accepted the bait.

HCSO reported finding $4,000 in cash, a pistol, and illicit substances inside Woods’ residence with a search warrant. They also determined Robinson had $6,000 of the $10,000. The sheriff said his mother, Janet Williams, discovered $6,000 in her house and lied to police.

Deputies said they located the second shoe that matched the murder scene shoe in the getaway vehicle.

The sheriff stated Robinson’s residence had ammo for the crime scene pistol. He’s been held since February 9, 2023.

Police and the ATF recovered a rifle in Robinson’s backyard, according to HCSO. Sheriff Nienhuis said the ballistics test indicated the gun shot the victims.

We have every reason to think this 17-year-old victim was not involved in high-risk conduct. She was a lovely girl with a great future, so losing her is heartbreaking. No words can describe it “said the sheriff.

Sexual violence charges have kept White in prison since February 15, 2023. Sheriff said further federal charges would be introduced.

Woods was apprehended last week in Brooksville by ATF and HCSO agents. The sheriff says Woods was jailed in February but released. Sheriff Nienhuis said he was charged with felon in possession of a handgun, marijuana with intent to sell, a new narcotic, and paraphernalia.

Robinson has been in prison since February 9, 2023, for cocaine trafficking and felonious weapon possession. He faces felon in possession of a firearm charges.

The three males are also charged federally with conspiracy to commit murder for pay, murder for hire, and two firearm charges during a crime of violence.

White and Robinson face federal charges of conspiracy to distribute controlled narcotics, witness tampering, and obstruction of justice.

Williams, detained last week by ATF and HCSO officers, faces three charges of giving false statements to an ATF agent.

White, Robinson, and Woods face life in federal prison, while Williams faces 15 years.

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Written by Aliyah Collins