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Worst Christmas Tradition Ever: Mariah Carey Facing Another Copyright Suit Over Her Christmas Hit

Mariah Carey Facing Another Copyright Suit

Mariah Carey Facing Another Copyright Suit Over Her Christmas Hit. This is not the Christmas present Mariah Carey desired. Just in time for #MariahSZN to begin officially, the famous singer faces legal action over her best song,.

Mariah Carey Facing Another Copyright Suit Over Her Christmas Hit. According to media reports, Andy Stone filed a copyright complaint in California district court on Wednesday over “All I Want for Christmas Is You.”

The country singer, along with his co-writer Troy Powers, claims that Carey plagiarized the Christmas song from his band, Vince Vance and the Valiants. They recorded a successful country song called “All I Want for Christmas Is You” in 1989. In addition to Carey’s co-writer Walter Afanasieff, Sony Music, and Universal Music Group, he is suing for $20 million in damages.

Stone claims that Mariah’s song rendition contains the same “compositional structure of an extended comparison between a loved one and trappings of seasonal luxury, and includes several of Plaintiffs’ lyrical phrases.”

The suit describes “a unique linguistic structure where a person, disillusioned with expensive gifts and seasonal comforts, wants to be with their loved one” in more detail.

If this were a non-holiday song, it may be more straightforward. However, practically every Christmas love song is about someone who only “wants to be with their loved one” and isn’t interested in finances.

Stone’s lawsuit claims that Carey’s song is “a greater than 50% clone of Vance’s original work, in both lyric choice and chord expressions.” Previous cases, such as the one recently filed against music artist Ed Sheeran, demonstrate that these copyright infringement actions are complicated to establish.

Sheeran was sued in his lawsuit by the family of Ed Townsend, co-writer of the Marvin Gaye song “Let’s Get It On.” They alleged that the artist stole Gaye’s smash “Thinking Out Loud” for his track “Thinking Out Loud.”

Sheeran said that “most pop songs are built on building blocks that have been freely available for hundreds of years.” Because that remark is so true, the Divide artist won his case. Every piece of music, regardless of genre, begins with fundamental chords and harmonies.

Even if there are similarities between the two versions of “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” there are probably hundreds of earlier holiday carols with similar themes and chords. Stone must demonstrate that Carey and Afanasieff specifically stole his music.

Stone launched a copyright infringement case against the Grammy winner in a New Orleans court in 2022 but later dropped the allegation. It would be fascinating to watch whether the songwriters and music businesses eventually settle with Stone merely to prevent this from being an annual problem.

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Written by Aliyah Collins