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Serena Williams Opens Up About Mental Health Struggles in Candid Social Media Post

Serena Williams Opens Up About Mental Health

Serena Williams Opens Up About Mental Health Struggles in Candid Social Media Post. Serena Williams, the 23-time grand slam tennis pro, takes a moment to connect with fans by sharing a candid message about her mental health on social media.

Serena Williams Opens Up About Mental Health Struggles in Candid Social Media Post. Williams bravely admits on Twitter, “I am not ok today,” reminding everyone that it’s acceptable not to be okay every single day. In a reassuring tone, she extends her support to those who may be struggling, saying, “If you are not ok today, I’m with you. There’s always tomorrow. Love you.”

Williams’ openness prompts an outpouring of encouraging responses from followers, acknowledging her authenticity and expressing gratitude for her inspirational transparency. One follower writes, “Thank you for being open about your feelings. Your honesty is appreciated. Please, take care of yourself, my champion,” while another offers words of solace, saying, “Tomorrow is another day. Thank you for being a truly inspirational person.”

Serena Williams has discussed mental health before. Last year, during a conversation with Selena Gomez for the singer’s mental health platform, Wondermind, Williams shared insights into her approach to mental fitness.

William said that mental health for her is learning to shut down. She asserted that she did it in the past too.

Williams emphasized the significance of putting oneself first, especially mentally, highlighting her practice of setting serious boundaries. She acknowledged her commitment to daily self-prioritization and the importance of having moments of respite.

The tennis star has openly discussed her mental health issues, especially since the birth of Alexis Olympia in 2017. Williams had postpartum depression after six weeks of bed rest after a pulmonary embolism near-death event.

“Some days, I cry,” she revealed to TIME in 2018. “I’m really sad. I’ve had meltdowns.”

Williams has consistently advocated for open conversations about postpartum depression, urging more dialogue to destigmatize the challenges new mothers face during what she refers to as “the fourth trimester.”

Williams, known for her resilience on and off the court, has faced postpartum challenges but continues to inspire by sharing her vulnerability, fostering a supportive community around mental health awareness.

In her continued journey toward mental well-being, Serena Williams remains an influential figure, using her platform to foster understanding and empathy around the complexities of mental health.


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