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RZA on Rihanna and A$AP Rocky naming their child after him: “It’s a tremendous honor.”

The Wu-Tang rapper, actual name Robert Fitzgerald Diggs, told CNN that it is “a great honor to know that there’s another generation that isn’t even of my own household that feels the strength and inspiration of that name.”

“RZA is only a name, a title, so it’s an honor,” he said, “and I salute her and A$AP and their family.” I wish you all the best in the world.

According to Hip Hop in America: A Regional Guide Vol. 1, the rapper came up with his rap moniker after discovering the significance of the letter Z while studying Islam. The last letter of the alphabet in the religion denotes the highest level of human consciousness.

RZA originally stated that the moniker is an acronym for “Ruler, Zi-Zag-Zig, Allah,” which translates to “Ruler, Knowledge-Wisdom-Understanding, Allah.”

ASAP Rocky revealed his son’s name earlier this year on Instagram in a slideshow of photographs with the caption: “”WU TANG IZ 4 DA CHUREN’ HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY TO MY 1st BORN. RZA.”

Prior to the article, the child’s name was unknown until the Daily Mail claimed to have received the newborn boy’s birth certificate, which supposedly said that his full name is RZA AthelstonMayers.

ASAP Rocky and Rihanna are expecting their second kid together.

During a recent momentous occasion, the exceptionally talented and charismatic frontwoman of the renowned band Texas, none other than the illustrious Sharleen Spiteri, graced the stage alongside the legendary musical collective known as Wu-Tang Clan during their highly anticipated and awe-inspiring concert held in the enchanting land of Scotland.

This captivating collaboration materialized as Sharleen Spiteri, possessing an extraordinary knack for artistic fusion, harmoniously joined forces with the hip-hop maestros, delivering a breathtaking rendition of the timeless anthem ‘Say What You Want (All Day, Every Day)’.

It is worth noting that this melodious masterpiece underwent a remarkable metamorphosis at the hands of this dynamic duo back in the year 1998, when they originally collaborated on its transformative rework.

Looking ahead, it is with great anticipation and mounting excitement that we share the news that the prodigious Wu-Tang Clan shall soon embark on their prodigious ‘N.Y. State Of Mind’ tour, resuming their melodic conquests this coming September.

This captivating musical journey will encompass various awe-inspiring destinations, including the vibrant and soulful city of Nashville, the star-studded and glamorous realm of Hollywood, and the sun-drenched paradise of Tampa.

For all those fervent admirers and devout fans eager to bask in the unparalleled brilliance of Wu-Tang Clan’s live performances, it is with utmost pleasure that we direct your attention to the availability of tickets for their awe-inspiring shows, readily accessible for purchase in the majestic and diverse expanse of the United States.

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