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Guerdy Abraira of “RHOM” Shaves Her Head as She Begins Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer: “The New Me”

“Don’t freak out if you see me out like this,” said the event designer, who was given a diagnosis in March.

GuerdyAbraira shaved her head before beginning chemotherapy treatment after learning she had breast cancer in May.

The 45-year-old Real Housewives of Miami actress showed her shorn head on Instagram on Wednesday, claiming that she shaved her hair herself “before it falls off.”

“CHEMO STARTS NOW,” the well-known event designer started her post. “Decided to be proactive and shave it off yesterday before I start treatment and before it falls off.”

Russell Abraira, her spouse of over 20 years, was the one who shaved her hair, according to Abraira. She also posted a photo of the fireman with a set of clippers.

“Even though this is a difficult journey, I’m grateful for everything in my life, including this humbling experience that is strengthening me,” Guerdy added. “SWIPE to see Russell wielding those clippers!”

“I’m still going to wear wigs here and there, but if you see me out like this…don’t freak out!” I’m still here…

“This is the new me guys, hope you like it,” she finished the post, which also included a video of her telling the camera, “This is the new me guys, hope you like it.”

Dr. Nicole Martin, the mom of two’s RHOM co-star, was quick to express her support, saying in the comments section, “Beautiful anyway and every day.”

Meanwhile, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills actress Garcelle Beauvais said, “You can wear any hairstyle with that face.”

Guerdy announced her illness on Instagram two months ago. She said in the post that she learned the news in March while on vacation in St. Barts during a “regular mammogram checkup.”

“It took me a while to mentally process it all, which is why I took a break from social media last month, as many of you noticed,” she said in her post. “Many of you reached out to check on me, and I appreciate your thoughtful gestures.”

The reality star said that she is “preparing for my upcoming surgery and then will come to my treatment plan,” adding, “This process is definitely intense and what I ask of you is empowerment, not pity.”

Guerdy then used her famous “guerdyfy” word, which she uses on her Bravo program to describe the opulent events, parties, and weddings she throws.

“I will “guerdyfy” this cancer as I have guerdyfied everything else in my life,” she went on.

“I am fortunate that this breast cancer was discovered at an early stage; it is still frightening, but I have love and support from those around me, and that is all the fuel I need.”

Guerdy, the owner of Guerdy Design, and her high school boyfriend Russell have two boys together: Liam, age 9, and Miles, age 14.

The two have developed an unshakable relationship over the course of their 27-year marriage.

“I chose correctly,” she said. “I absolutely like the energy that Russell exudes. Even now, whenever he enters the room, I still think, “Oh yeah, I’d still hit that.”

And that’s what makes him so alluring to me. He exudes a confidence that no one can challenge since he is so strong and seductive.

I’m not sure how to describe it. He is his quiet colossus. I have nothing to prove to anybody or something like. In the high school hallway, he was also there. He has just always been that way.

“We have a lot of differences, as is clear. But I feel like I sort of feed off of her confidence in life, you know? Added he.

“In the hallway, as she said, is when it all began. And we had been together forever from the start. She is a wonderful mother and spouse and has such a nice heart. We are fortunate to have discovered one another, in my opinion.

RHOM Season 6 started shooting earlier this year. Guerdy posted a number of images and videos with the cast on her Instagram, including the women leaving for a Pride celebration.

Fans may watch the past seasons on Peacock while waiting for the debut, which has not yet been scheduled.

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