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Rick Ross Demands Drake Apologize & Confess To Having BBL, Drizzy Responds

Rick Ross Demands Drake Apologize

Rick Ross Demands Drake Apologize & Confess To Having BBL, Drizzy Responds. Rick Ross and Drake exchanged images on Instagram Stories to show their enmity.

Rick Ross invites Drake to apologize in an Instagram video. He wants Drake to admit to a nose job and Brazilian Butt Lift. Ross suggests Drake chose cosmetic surgery over exercise.

“Look how I talk to this turkey,” Drake wrote, sharing his DM to Ross. “You shoulda just asked for another feature.”

Ross mocks Drake’s private jet’s age and tells him to help Birdman’s foreclosed mansion. He wonders why Drake, presumably wealthier than Ross, hasn’t helped Birdman find another home.

Ross gives Drake 48 hours to buy Birdman a new mansion, citing Drake’s false nose and stomach and ghostwriting.

Drake answers to Ross’s charges by mentioning his $88 million home sale and says Ross should have requested another feature instead of starting a fight.

Drake mocks Ross’s timeshare jet and mansion size.

Drake mocks Ross by tweeting an overhead photo of his estate, implying he doesn’t own it.

Drake may not meet Rick Ross’s 48-hour demands despite the heated discussion. Fans are obsessed with the two singers’ dispute on social media.

As tensions rise, observers wonder if the crisis will affect artist relationships and alliances. Drake and Rick Ross are influential hip-hop artists, and their feud could affect the business.

The public nature of their dispute highlights celebrity power relations. Artists use social media to exert control, defend their reputations, and settle personal scores.

During the controversy, supporters wait to see Drake’s response to Rick Ross’s ultimatum. The disagreement could affect both musicians’ careers and reputations.

Drake and Rick Ross’ battle shows hip-hop’s complexity and rivalries, regardless of the conclusion. One thing is certain: the drama is far from done as fans ponder and dissect every twist and turn.

Drake and Rick Ross are clearly verbally bickering. Fans have enjoyed the exchange and speculated about their connection and public feud’s causes.

As the feud continues, people question if both artists’ claims and demands are true. Some may regard the discussion as banter between two celebrities, but others may consider it as a sign of hip-hop tensions.

Fans and industry insiders are obsessed with Drake and Rick Ross’ drama. The rivalry isn’t slowing down, whether it’s ghostwriting claims, apologies, or personal attacks.

One wonders how this saga will end as fans await the next installment. Should Drake comply with Rick Ross or will the rivalry escalate? The future is uncertain, but hip-hop is always dramatic.


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