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Drake Throws Shade at Metro Boomin with Nick Cannon “Drumline” Meme

Drake Throws Shade at Metro Boomin with Nick Cannon “Drumline” Meme

Drake Throws Shade at Metro Boomin with Nick Cannon “Drumline” Meme. Metro Boomin is targeted by Drake’s social media harassment. Drake made fun of Metro Boomin on his leaked tune “Push Ups,” then made a hilarious meme about him.

Drake mocks Metro Boomin by replacing Nick Cannon’s ‘Drumline’ character with his face and telling him to “shut yo ho-a– up and make some drums.” The well-edited clip matches Drake’s “Push Ups.” lyrics.

“Yet Her Loss beats H&V for rap album of the year. I am not interested in award shows because they are political. The real reward is knowing that the music I spend so much effort on gives joy to people’s lives.” Metro Boomin

Drake’s first public acknowledgement of the diss tune was on Instagram Story. Soon after, DJ Akademiks released the CDQ version, revealing Drake’s lyrical assault on Metro Boomin, Kendrick Lamar, Future, The Weeknd, Rick Ross, and others.

Drake and Metro Boomin’s conflict may be personal or professional, according to social media rumours. Some fans speculated about a lady disagreement, while others cited leaked verses and award show scandals.

Metro Boomin’s “Trance” featured a leaked Drake rap in early 2023, sparking talks about a collaboration. Metro Boomin later revealed that Drake wasn’t involved in the song’s completion.

Metro Boomin voiced anger with award show results months later, saying politics frequently trump art. Drake indirectly addressed the issue on Instagram Story, emphasising music and audience delight.

Fans eagerly await Drake and Metro Boomin’s musical replies to their rap feud.

As Drake and Metro Boomin’s animosity simmers, the rap world watches to see if their fun banter turns into a feud or just entertainment. With both singers recognised for their lyrical prowess and social media antics, fans are divided on whether this encounter is a real ego battle or business theatre.

Power, influence, and artistic integrity in the music industry underlie the humour. Drake’s intentional trolling on social media highlights the changing nature of rap beefs, where memes and online presence can be as powerful as diss recordings.

The saga also shows how rap collaboration and rivalry are complicated. Collaborations can lead to chart-topping songs and mutual advantages, but ego clashes and creative differences can also cause conflict.

Metro Boomin can use the issue to push his story and show tenacity in the face of criticism and controversy. Despite the rap industry’s turmoil, his artistic vision and passionate fans may comfort him.

Fans may expect more twists and turns in Drake and Metro Boomin’s story. The rap world will scrutinise every bar, meme, and social media post in this musical competition, whether it ends or continues.


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