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Chrisean Rock Responds To Backlash Over Offensive Palestine Hot Take

Chrisean doesn’t seem to stop making people angry.

This morning, Chrisean Rock found herself in the middle of a controversy as a result of her statements that went viral on the situation between Israel and Palestine.

Throughout these statements, she did not come across positively at all. She was pretty offensive during the whole of her webcast.

She said that the people of Palestine were being oppressed because they did not honor Jesus Christ. She made this statement on many occasions.

She also made some statements that were not very tasty about how Muslims worship. “They do not believe in Jesus,” Chrisean Rock said of the individuals. “Yes, that is why it is taking place right there.”

I’ve seen films of them praying at the location. Considering a cockroach infestation, what is God attempting to teach us about this situation? She went on to say.

It is unclear what the message is, given the turmoil. Yes, we are aware of the conflict, the war. But there is always a purpose for things to occur, and this is one of those reasons […] Even though it is the location where Jesus was born, it seems that a lot of people in that area do not pray to Jesus.

During their prayers to Allah, they proclaimed that Jesus was nothing more than a prophet. Therefore, I was under the impression that it was connected to it.” A few hours earlier, she decided to speak on the debate that was going on.

If you are someone who was hoping to get an apology, you will be disappointed to learn that you will not soon receive one. Chrisean has, in essence, said that she does not have anything for which she should apologize on her Instagram story. Instead, everyone was discussing their opinions, which was the extent of their conversation.

On the other hand, her followers are adamantly opposed to this, given that the reality star has been criticized throughout the day for her comments. “See the full live nobody saying anything out of pocket this just my preference on things I respect what ppl believe I just know what the word says,” Chrisean Rock told the crowd.

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Written by Aliyah Collins