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Judge Mathis Says Comedian Feuds Are Embarrassing The Black Community

Judge Greg Mathis has had enough of the media frenzy produced by comedians calling each other out after two explosive “Club Shay Shay” podcast episodes.

On Friday (Feb. 9), he made a video chastising performers for striking below the belt on public forums rather than dealing with issues privately.

“Stop harassing each other in public like this. You are humiliating yourself and our community.

I understand you often have to defend yourself against what is being stated, but why can’t we do it directly? And I want you to know that I feel all of the big studios and their executives are laughing at us when they see us in public, Black people fighting,” stated the television court show presenter.

Mo’Nique was the latest guest on NFL great Shannon Sharpe’s famous program. The Academy Award winner promised to present “the whole truth and nothing but the truth” during her interview.

When the show aired on February 7, viewers saw the actress again express her frustrations with Tyler Perry.

She also addressed her feud with comic colleague D.L. Hughley. The former BET “ComicView” presenter responded to some of her statements in a video, calling her a liar and implying that she has phony love for her “sweet baby,” “Sista,” or “Brotha,” all words she often uses to refer to followers and individuals she is speaking about, whether in a good or unfavorable fashion.

“You don’t see this in other communities, and that’s why I say you’re hurting yourself, you’re hurting our community, and you’re hurting the young people who want to learn and need to learn how to resolve disputes in a better way,” Mathis said, avoiding mentioning Mo’Nique or Hughley by name.

“I’m not a saint; on my program, I’m prone to losing my cool. That is entertainment. You guys may say anything you want; it’s part of the entertainment, but don’t go out of your way to personally attack one other, especially your families.

I urge you for that; let us not turn against one other but toward one another,” he ended.

The star of “The Parkers” is unlikely to be finished venting against people she believes have crossed her. Mo’Nique responded to Hughley by announcing that she would join Katt Williams on his “Dark Matter Tour.”

Williams ignited the internet in January when he raged on his contemporaries Steve Harvey, Rickey Smiley, Kevin Hart, and Cedric The Entertainer during his “Club Shay Shay” visit.

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Written by Darnell Simmons

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