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Oprah Winfrey Describes Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour as “the Most Extraordinary Thing I’ve Ever Seen”

Oprah Winfrey is widely regarded as a Beyoncé fan: After watching Queen Bey perform with her devoted friend Gayle King at one of her Renaissance World Tour dates in East Rutherford, New Jersey, Winfrey praised the artist and dubbed the performance “transcendent.”

According to a video on Instagram from her unforgettable night out and wrote that she had never “experienced something as transcendent as @beyonce’s Renaissance Tour.”

She added, “A Source that generates the planets is where that type of brilliance, harmony, expression, and anointing comes from.

“To create a renaissance in today’s world, the dancers, the production, the musicians, and the staff in front of and behind the scenes all perfectly sync. You have to see it.

Winfrey continued to lavish praise in a video shared on Oprah Daily’s Instagram, saying, “I’ve never in my life experienced anything like that.” She also discussed her concert experience from the previous Saturday.

Adding, “I couldn’t speak,” Winfrey. I was unable to yell. I was amazed. I am in awe of the ability, the synergy, the skill required, the expressiveness, and the anointing required to execute that.

That is something that originates directly from the source that makes the planets, right? That is essentially the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.

My body was buzzing the whole night,” she continued. Beyoncé was in my dreams. I wondered, “What was that?” as I awoke. Witnessing all of it come together was amazing.You can tell that she is in charge of everything, from the costumes to the actions. To that, I submit. I bow.”

We might all consider it such a blessing to hear anyone—not only Oprah Winfrey!—talk positively about our work.

“Some things are worth staying up on a school night, and it starts with B…BEYONCÉ,” King concurred with her closest friend.

I see @oprah got over her fear of spending three hours at a performance standing still, King commented. Sister girl never took a seat! Unquestionably going again. My mouth is still open in shock.

In addition, King told Oprah Daily that she “thought it was a beautiful feast for the eyes” and that “it made me so pleased because she’s a mother.

She is married. And she leaves and performs those actions. As a result, she cares for her kids during the day just like any other parent would. She then enters the stage and performs it.

Years ago, Tina Knowles, Beyoncé’s mother, told me that her daughter is one of the hardest workers I know. And yesterday, that was clearly demonstrated to me. My mouth is still on the floor.

At the concert on Saturday, Knowles really hung out with the two, captioning her own photo, “We partied till the wheels fell off!”

Before the program began, Winfrey and King met with Beyoncé, which is inevitable when you’re Oprah Winfrey and Gayle Kin

It was very amazing, Winfrey said to Oprah Daily. If I had seen her again, I would have been in a pool of tears. Even without knowing how to do so, I couldn’t have expressed my feelings.

The Renaissance World Tour began in May and will finish in Kansas City on October 1—but not before playing 22 more performances.

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Written by Anthony Peters