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Offset Attends Miami’s Art Basel And Celebrates His Birthday With His Mother Amidst Rumors Of Cardi B’s Divorced

Offset Attends Miami Art Basel And Celebrates

Offset Attends Miami Art Basel And Celebrates His Birthday. The first public appearance that Offset has made since the publication of new breakup allegations involving Cardi B was made.

Celebrating the rapper’s 32nd birthday, Offset and his mother went to Art Basel this past weekend to honor the occasion.

The famous location was where Offset gave a few performances for his fans, and he was often seen having a wonderful time there.

Offset Attends Miami Art Basel And Celebrates His Birthday.On December 14, the rapper from Atlanta will officially turn 32 years old. Despite this, he made the most of the chance to go on a short excursion over the weekend.

Not only did Latabia Woodward look to be having a wonderful time, but she was also seated in the front row for every one of her son’s performances.

It has become clear that Art Basel Miami is a popular destination this weekend, as shown by the fact that Tom Brady and Irina Shayk were both seen attending the event.

However, the excursion occurred while resurfacing allegations that he and Cardi B are on the verge of ending their relationship. Although there is nearly always speculation that the pair is about to break up, this instance seems to have more weight.

A week ago, Cardi B uploaded a picture of herself on Instagram, accompanied by a cryptic comment that alluded to her romantic relationships. You are aware of the moment when you outgrow relationships.

It is exhausting for me to shield other people’s emotions…The rapper wrote this: “I HAVE TO PUT MYSELF FIRST!” Although this is the case, neither party has made any public statements directly addressing the possibility of a split. We will provide any developments that come to light on the rumors as they grow as a story.

In other news, Offset, Cardi B, and their children recently appeared on the animated program Baby Shark’s Big, which was created specifically for children. “Sharki B” and “Offshark” were the names of members of the renowned family that starred in the show as shark versions of themselves.

During their short appearance, the couple and their children are lounging in their green room when their security guards discover the protagonist, Brooklyn “Baby” Shark (Kimiko Glenn), attempting to get in.

That being said, the voice-acting abilities of the renowned duo are currently being evaluated. Offset has received appreciation from several fans, while some have deemed his line delivery clunky and unnatural.

One of the commenters responded, “I don’t know why, but when he was in NCIS, I always thought the delivery of this line was funny, lol.” They included a video clip of Offset’s poor line delivery from the long-running police procedural.


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Written by Jamil Johnson