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Harve Pierre, Former Bad Boy Records CEO, Rejected Sexual Assault Claims In Court, Calling Them A “Tale Of Fiction”

Bad Boy Records CEO Rejected Sexual Assault

Former Bad Boy Records CEO Rejected Sexual Assault Claims. Harve’s Pierre, who was once the President of Bad Boys Records, is expressing his dissatisfaction with the gang rape case that listed him as a defendant.

He is a defendant in the case. Another thing that he is doing is assuring us that he will not allow his reputation to be tarnished in any way.

Former Bad Boy Records CEO Rejected Sexual Assault Claims. The following is an excerpt from a recent statement that was issued by Pierre and acquired by the media: “This is a story that is made up.”

“Throughout my years, I have never been a part of, seen, or heard about anything that even comes close to being comparable to this.”

It is a desperate attempt to gain monetarily from these horrible claims, which are inaccurate and are an attempt to benefit financially.

“I will do everything in my power to safeguard my reputation and defend my name,” he declares in continuation of his previous statement. It is common knowledge among those acquainted with me that these allegations are untrue.

Pierre is accused of luring a youngster from Detroit to board a private jet in 2003 so that he and Diddy could spend time together in New York City for a recording session. The child is suspected of being seduced by Pierre. During the session, she asserts that the males exposed themselves sexually to her in the washroom of the studio. For this, Pierre will be held responsible for his actions.

In addition, the complaint alleges that Pierre sat back and snorted crack cocaine from a can of Pepsi as the attacks were going place. This is one of the allegations that is included in the lawsuit. Pierre is adamant in his refusal to acknowledge that any of the charges that the Jane Doe accuser made are actual, even though such allegations are dreadful and cruel.

In each of the legal disputes that Diddy has been engaged in, including the one that he swiftly settled with his ex-girlfriend Cassie in November, he has consistently maintained his innocence throughout the process.

In contrast to what Diddy has indicated about the lawsuits that have been filed against him, Pierre is explicitly stating that his accuser is just interested in making a profit. This assertion is in direct opposition to what Diddy has said.


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Written by Jamil Johnson