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NRA announced support for Mark Robinson who went viral for pro-gun speech

NRA announced support for Mark Robinson

NRA announced support for Mark Robinson who went viral for pro-gun speech. The National Rifle Association (NRA) has cast its strong support behind Republican North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson as he endeavors to ascend to the governorship of the Tar Heel State.

This resounding endorsement comes in the form of an “A+” rating from the NRA-PVF and is accompanied by a letter of unwavering support from Randy Kozuch, the Executive Director of the NRA-ILA.

“It is with immense pride and unwavering support that I, on behalf of the National Rifle Association members across North Carolina, extend to you the NRA-PVF’s highest accolade, the ‘A+’ rating, and our full endorsement for your gubernatorial bid in the 2024 North Carolina Primary Election,” NRA-ILA Executive Director Randy Kozuch wrote in a letter to Robinson.

In the missive addressed to Robinson and dated Tuesday, Kozuch conveyed the immense pride felt by NRA members across North Carolina, extending the organization’s highest accolade, the “A+” rating, and a full endorsement for Robinson’s gubernatorial bid in the upcoming 2024 North Carolina Primary Election.

The letter explicitly commends Robinson’s steadfast commitment to upholding the principles of the Second Amendment and defending the rights of law-abiding gun owners.

Mark Robinson, who assumed the position of North Carolina lieutenant governor in 2021, made history by becoming the state’s first Black American to hold this office. His political trajectory began to capture national attention in 2018 when he delivered an impassioned speech during a city council meeting in Greensboro.

The speech, addressing gun laws and the blame placed on law-abiding citizens following tragic events like the Parkland school shooting, quickly went viral, amassing 200 million views. This pivotal moment marked Robinson’s entry into the political arena, ultimately leading to his successful bid for lieutenant governor.

Kozuch’s letter notes Robinson’s courageous stance on the national stage, exemplified by his address to the national media and fellow NRA members at the 2018 NRA Leadership Forum.

The NRA acknowledges Robinson’s remarkable ascent in politics over the past six years, describing it as “nothing short of remarkable.” Despite this meteoric rise, Robinson has remained dedicated to his core values and the protection of the Second Amendment.

The endorsement emphasizes Robinson’s resolute defense of the Second Amendment, portraying it not merely as a policy stance but as a fundamental cornerstone of freedom.

Kozuch points out that Robinson’s advocacy has resonated not only with NRA members in North Carolina but also with law-abiding gun owners across the nation. The NRA sees in Robinson a fervent patriot and defender of freedom, and the “A+” rating reflects their high regard for his unwavering commitment.

Robinson’s political ideology is deeply rooted in common-sense conservatism, as outlined in his official lieutenant governor biography. His focus includes protecting the life of the unborn, defending the Second Amendment, empowering parents in children’s education, supporting law enforcement, addressing veterans’ care, and advocating for election reform. These principles align with the values championed by the NRA, making Robinson a natural recipient of their endorsement.

As Robinson sets his sights on the governor’s mansion, the NRA’s backing is a significant boost, particularly in the upcoming Republican primary scheduled for March 5.

In this primary, Robinson will face competition from state Treasurer Dale Folwell and veteran trial lawyer Bill Graham. The NRA’s endorsement positions Robinson as the candidate of choice for those who prioritize the preservation of Second Amendment rights.


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