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New York Rappers Shef G and Sleepy Hallow Arrested in Gang Bust

NYC drill rappers Shef G and Sleepy Hallow have been arrested in a massive NYCPD gang bust involving 30 other alleged gang members on Tuesday.

According to the New York City Police Dept the rapper, who are part of the notorious Crips Gang, were using money earned from their songs for alleged gang-related activities.

NBC New York reports that the Crips gang has a feud with a rival gang, resulting in 12 violent shootings and a murder caught on camera.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams has called these gang members “dangerous people.”

“They’re dangerous people, and it’s a small number of them. They’re repeated recidivists,. We are not going to surrender our streets to violence,” the mayor said.

“These are no small time rappers. Sleepy Hollow on one song, upwards of 125 million YouTube views. Sheff G upwards of 42 million YouTube views. That’s one song alone,” NYPD Deputy Chief Jason Savino told NBC.

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Written by Aliyah Collins