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Finesse2Tymes Shows off Three Girlfriends on Mothers’ Day and Follows it Up by Dropping a Sex Tape.

The rapper Finnesse2Tymes who lives a polyamorous lifestyle showed off his three girlfriends on a series of Mother’s Day Social Media posts. He then followed it up by dropping a sex tape, leaving internet users disgusted.

As the photos and sex tape went viral on social media, fans expressed their disdain for the rapper.

“I done seen Finesse2Tymes too many times on my feed. That’s nasteeee!” user @TheKaySlayWay commented.

Finnesse2Tymes talked about his polyamorous relationship to Angela Yee on her podcast recently.

“I’m such a gentlemen and ladies’ man, it was kinda easy. I done had all of them tell me this separately. They like, ‘It’s kinda easy to accept what come with you because you so humble and so, you know, down to Earth. It’s kinda easy. I don’t ask for nothing but help from my women anyway.”

“I felt like it was weird at first like, ‘Ain’t no woman gonna accept that.’ But I thought about my past life and like, women ain’t gonna accept that but it’s a difference between being a h*e and a woman. A h*e gonna accept it because it’s they job to accept other h*es but it ain’t no woman’s job to accept other women. So, for me to present that, it was kinda weird.”

The fans, however, are less than amused by his antics.

“Finesse2tymes sex look trifling keep that soggy body off my tl” @TastyOriginal said.

“I’ve now see more of finessee2tymes that I ever needed to see,” user nyx said.

User zng couldn’t keep her disdain, “Finesse2Tymes gotta b the corniest nigga to ever hit the industry, i really don’t like that n8gga”

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Written by Aliyah Collins