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New Ridesharing App Black Wolf Will Allow Drivers To Carry Guns

A new ridesharing app called Black Wolf is coming to the market in Atlanta and New York and will allow divers to carry guns while taking people to their destination.

According to Forbes, Kerry King Brown a 32-year-old former private investigator who worked for Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) is the person who created Black Wolf, a startup that currently has around 15 cars servicing the Metro Atlanta area.

“Who are mostly on the news getting robbed, getting raped? The average person,” Brown told. “What I’m creating is a necessary evil. It’s a necessity.”

In the week since it has launched, there have been some 80,000 downloads,

Brown says he and his drivers are legally armed with experience in the military, law enforcement, or private security.

They go through background checks and they’re trained to de-escalate potentially dangerous situations.

“We’re not here to fight anybody, we’re not here to draw guns. Even though it says armed, we’re trained not to do that,”

Brown said

Drivers will also stay with you after you reach your destination.

“There’s a wait option on the app. You touch wait, click on it, [and] it starts the clock,” said Brown.

The app, which utilizes real-time data to let others know of the riders’ locations, charges a premium rate to ride with a driver who is armed.

Riders pay a base rate of $50 for an unarmed driver in addition to $1.75 per mile. A driver who is packing heat would set a rider back $60 as a base rate followed by a rate of $1.75 per mile.

Brown, a Long Island native, aspires to bring the service to the Big Apple — but New York City’s strict gun laws could complicate those plans.

He said that he Is looking to enter the New York City market with help from a “connection” — a detective in the NYPD who has his own security company and provides training for drivers.

Brown acknowledged the strict gun laws that make it difficult to obtain a permit to carry a firearm.

Brown told that he got the idea for the app by expanding his original business, which included transportation lines for schools.

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