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NBA Has Placed Referee Eric Lewis Under Suspension After Alleged Twitter Burner Account Linked to Him Surfaces

The NBA has placed referee Eric Lewis, who has been officiating in the league for 19 years. under suspension, after a Twitter Burner account allegedly linked to him surfaced earlier this week.

The alleged burner account by the name of @CuttliffBlair was unearthed by an internet sleuth who noticed that the account did just one thing: respond to online criticism of Referee Eric Lewis. The user uploaded a screen recording of all Twitter activity on the account.

“NBA ref Eric Lewis has been outed as having a burner account (@CuttliffBlair). Lmaooo this is a momentous day,” the user tweeted. “The account will surely be deleted soon so for the archives, the entirety of the account’s replies. All involving… yep, Eric Lewis.”

The account was deleted shortly afterward.

Over a long career spanning almost two decades, Eric Lewis has officiated thousands of games in the league.

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Written by Jamil Johnson