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LSU Basketball Star Sa’Myah Smith Faints During Biden’s White House Speech

The Louisiana State University Tigers Women’s Basketball team visited the White House on Friday afternoon for a hosted celebration of their 2022-2003 NCAA Division I championship season. Biden was mid-speech when an unpleasant surprise struck the ceremony.

Midway through President Joe Biden’s celebratory speech for the women’s basketball national champions at the White House, Louisiana State University forward Sa’Myah Smith suddenly passed out.

The president paused his speech as White House doctors rushed to help the player into a wheelchair and take her out of the room to be checked out

Coach Kim Mulkey later confirmed that Smith was “fine” but said she felt embarrassed from the incident and wished she could have stayed for the rest of the ceremony. “She’s okay, it’s happened lots of times,” Biden assured the audience.

 “All is well! Thank you to the first responders and everyone who helped, you all are greatly appreciated! I guess you can say I left my mark at The white house!”

Smith posted on Twitter

A month ago, the Bidens got into some drama with the LSU team after the First Lady said she would also invite runner-ups Iowa State to the White House.

Jill Biden quickly backpedaled on the comment, and she was seen at the event hugging star Angel Reese, who initially called the first lady’s proposal “A JOKE” and claimed she would rather visit the Obamas.

LSU released a statement, saying Smith “started feeling overheated, nauseous and like she might faint before being helped down.”

“Smith was conscious and communicating with the LSU and White House medical staff while being evaluated. Everything checked out well and she was able to return to the team.” Smith will undergo further evaluation once back in Baton Rouge.

ESPN reported that Biden signed an old-fashioned leather basketball for Smith, writing: “Sa’Myah — it was wonderful (to) have you at the White House. You are the best. /Joe Biden 5-26-23″

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Written by Jamil Johnson