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Waller County Family Seeks Answers When Their Mother’s Health Deteriorates After Her Release From Prison

Mother Health Deteriorates After Her Release

Waller County Family Seeks Answers When Their Mother Health Deteriorates After Her Release From Prison. Johnson was apparently in good condition when she was first arrested and had been detained for four months, but recent medical documents show that she had a stroke and is going through psychotic episodes.

Waller County Family Seeks Answers When Their Mother Health Deteriorates After Her Release From Prison. Johnson’s son Bruce Ray spoke exclusively with the media about the upsetting experience. Johnson was detained on July 18 on suspicion of attacking a peace officer, thwarting arrest, and attacking a family member during a quarrel.

Ray noticed concerning changes, including a noticeable loss of weight, when he and his family started paying frequent visits to Johnson in prison. They said they asked the authorities for information because they were worried about her welfare but were not given any regarding how bad she was becoming.

“Then we also notice that she’s not even trying to reach out to us,” said Ray. “She’s going to always call us.”

The family was once refused a visit, Bruce says to the media. He was informed by the prison that she had been transported to a separate area of the institution to be “observed,” and that her health wasn’t stable enough for visits. When family members were ultimately allowed to see her, they were astounded by her state. They said she was vomiting, had dropped more than 100 pounds, and had trouble speaking or walking.

“My grandmother had to leave, she couldn’t take it,” Ray said. “My mom needs to seek for aid, the prison guards are telling my sister. But how can she seek for support at this point in her journey? She has no idea what’s happening at all.”

On November 15, Ray wrote a comprehensive post on Facebook that received over 160 shares, describing his mother’s declining condition.  Although Johnson was freed the next day, she was not well enough to go back to her house. When she was released, there was video of her moving too much and not being able to speak.

According to hospital records, Johnson suffered from an ischemic stroke, sometimes referred to as a cerebrovascular accident. Ray notes that his mother’s health had never deteriorated to this degree previously, despite her history of bipolar illness, schizophrenia, and drug addiction problems.

Concerns over Johnson’s charges’ treatment are also being voiced by the family. Ray was told that she was placed on parole hold until her release, but according to internet records, her charges were withdrawn on September 22. Ray was unaware of their dismissal until we presented it to him on the internet.

Since my mother returned home, it hasn’t simply stopped. It’s far from done in this war,” Ray said. “I want answers, but I also want to make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else in that jail.”

At the hospital, Aldonia Johnson is now receiving medical care. Waller County authorities have received inquiries from a media outlet, and the channel is awaiting a response.


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Written by Jamil Johnson