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Michigan State dismisses football coach Mel Tucker for sexual harassment.

Tucker’s 10-year, $95 million contract was cancelled for moral turpitude, contract violation, and school-shaming.

Tucker’s 10-year, $95 million contract was cancelled for moral turpitude, contract violation, and school-shaming.

In April 2022, activist and rape victim Brenda Tracy stated that Tucker sexually assaulted her over the phone. Tracy alerted the Title IX office months later.

Monday’s response to Michigan State’s Sept. 18 dismissal letter gives Tucker, 51, a week.

Athletic director Alan Haller said Mr Tucker’s comment doesn’t contradict the notice’s numerous termination for cause reasons. Instead, his 25-page answer—including a 12-page attorney letter and a 13-page ‘expert report,’ justifies his illegal acts while admitting the notice’s concerns.”

He was calling Tucker’s attorney and agency. He claims he agreed to their phone sex.

A July inquiry hearing is next week at Michigan State.

Attorney Jennifer Belveal said the school knew Tucker admitted to phone sex with Tracy in March during the inquiry.

“The notice, which is entirely premised on information you knew at least seven months ago, if not earlier, now affirms Tucker’s belief that the investigation was never interested in the truth,” she wrote.

He was not morally repugnant “by any stretch of the imagination” at the facility where Larry Nassar sexually abused over 100 athletes, she claimed.

Tucker’s “serious medical condition” permits him to adequately react to the university’s termination when cleared, according to Belveal.

Attorney: Tucker requested medical leave for “a serious health condition” while suspended, but the school refused it as “unnecessary.”

Tucker had seven days to reply to the school’s termination letter for misbehaviour with Tracy, a vendor hired to meet with the team.

Tucker signed a 10-year, $95 million deal in November 2021. If the school wins, he may lose $80 million until Jan. 15, 2032.

Tracy’s accusations were reported earlier this month, and Tucker was suspended the same day.

Despite being divorced for years and having two children, Tucker termed the charges “completely false.”

“I can only conclude that there is an ulterior motive designed to terminate my contract based on some other factor such as a desire to avoid (Nassar) taint, or my race or gender,” Tucker, a Black man, told his counsel earlier this month

Tracy teaches college athletes about sexual abuse. Michigan State offered her $10,000 to tell their football squad her tale.

Tucker joined Nick Saban’s Spartans coaching staff in 1997. After coaching Colorado for one season and assistant coaching at Georgia, Alabama, and Ohio State, he returned with one of the wealthiest college sports contracts.

The 2011 Jacksonville Jaguars interim coach was Tucker.

After three seasons at Michigan State, he won 11 games in 2021 as a college football coach.

Spartans (2-2, 0-1 Big Ten) face Iowa (3-1, 0-1) on Saturday for the third game under interim coach Harlon Barnett.

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Written by Anthony Peters