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Baltimore tech CEO died of strangulation and brutal force injuries on an apartment rooftop

The District Court of Maryland for Baltimore City statement of charges states that 26-year-old LaPere has blunt force trauma to her head, face, and body.

Police found LaPere half-dressed. Records contain no further criminal information.

Her body had a brick, blood, three teeth, buttons, trousers, a broken hair clip, and red shoes.

According to a police report, her death was ruled a homicide through strangulation and harsh force trauma.

After a lengthy search, Jason Billingsley, 32, was found calmly around 11 p.m. Wednesday.

He is charged with first-degree murder and assault for LaPere’s murder, court papers show. His allegations include brick-dangerous weapon usage.

Security video shows LaPere allowing Billingsley in Friday night. Documents show she opened the glass door, spoke to the suspect, and let him in when he waved. They took the lift. LaPere lived and worked there.

Acting On Thursday, Baltimore Police Commissioner Richard Worley suspected LaPere was killed Friday night. A worker found her body in the building Monday after she was reported missing.

Police are investigating “to determine exactly what occurred” and do not know whether the victim and suspect have “any connections”, according to Worley.

Thursday, police said Billingsley was under surveillance for raping a woman days before LaPere’s death. Since it was “targeted,” authorities didn’t alert the public, fueling conjecture that LaPere’s death was avoided.

Court documents indicate that Billingsley sliced a woman’s throat and raped her “several times during the night” before duct-taping and burning her. She claims Billingsley tied and burnt her partner.

Officials were alerted by a woman that a maintenance worker knocked on the door on Sept. 19. Billingsley maintained buildings.

The mask-wearing man smashed through the front door and pointed a handgun at her, documents show.

Police found a bag containing a serrated knife, duct tape, handcuffs, bleach, a gas can, a lighter, and clothing in the rear alley.

Earlier footage showed him wearing the backpack’s clothes, court documents alleged.

Detectives understood why Billingsley committed the actions but did not want to “talk bad” about the victims, Worley said.

Online court papers show Billingsley was sentenced to 30 years with 16 years suspended for first-degree rape in 2015. Baltimore City State’s Attorney Ivan J. Bates said he received “diminution credits” for good behaviour and was released in October 2022 per state law.

EcoMap Technologies was created and directed by LaPere.

Her family was “relieved to know he can no longer hurt other innocent victims.”

“While this doesn’t change that Baltimore lost one of its most passionate, influential fans, we continue to remember and celebrate Pava Marie’s life, successes, and legacy,” the statement said.

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Written by Anthony Peters