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Left-Wing Black Philosopher Cornel West Announces He’s Running for President

Prominent left-wing philosopher, former Harvard professor, and confidante of Bernie Sanders, Cornel West has announced he is running for the president in a video posted on Twitter.

“In these bleak times, I have decided to run for truth and justice which takes the form of running for president of the United States as a candidate for the People’s Party,” West said. “I enter in the quest for truth, I enter in the quest for justice. And the presidency is just one vehicle to pursue that truth and justice that I’ve been trying to do all of my life.”

Professor West was a supporter and confidante to Bernie Sanders during his 2016 bid for Vermont’s senator and his 2020 presidential bid.

West taught philosophy at Harvard University and is now associated with Union Theological Seminary. West will run for President from a third-party platform called the People’s Part which was founded for Bernie Sanders’s bid for president. Sanders, however, eventually decided not to run from the platform.

“I come from a tradition where I care about you. I care about the quality of your life. I care about whether you have access to a job with a living wage, decent housing, women having control over their bodies, health for all,” West said

The announcement was met with ridicule and vehement backlash from rightwing quarters. Many conservative commentators took to Twitter to bash Mr. West and make light of his decision to run for the President.

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Written by Jamil Johnson