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50 Cent and Other Celebrities Heap Praise on Fat Joe for Heart-touching Photo with Autistic Son

Celebrities heaped praise on rapper Fat Joe after he posted a picture of himself with his 32-year-old autistic son, Joey. Fat Joe captioned the photo “unconditional love.”

“This is the coolest picture you posted joe,” 50 Cent commented on the post.


Talking about his relationship with Joey, Fat Joy told “The View” last year, ““He inspires me. He’s such a blessing in our life, he’s almost like an angel. It’s the gift that keeps giving, little Joey, and I’m so proud of him.”

MMA superstar Conor McGregor commented, “You are The Man Joe! True as can be!”

He wrote on Joey’s birthday in December 2019: “Life is full of surprises. I was just a kid at 19 years old when i had Joey. It was one of the scariest days of my life. Doctors said he wouldn’t be normal and kids like this are hard to deal with. Not once did me and my family think of giving up on Joey. He’s my jr. it’s a lot of work it’s a constant sacrifice that parents make to keep their children happy and most of all safe. I’ve always kept Joey out of the limelight cause they’re bad elements out there i never wanted him exposed to.”

“Joey has accomplished above and beyond & i also believe he keeps my parents alive cause they love him sooooooo much. How do you tell someone who’s given you so much joy in life thank you???. How do you tell your best friend and most loyal one thank you??. I am so proud of Joey he’s my heart & soul. I love you Joey, we all love you Joey, thank you for being my Biggest blessing in life! Happy Birthday Joey, God bless you.”

Fat Joe has also raised awareness about autism. He wrote on World Autism Day last year, ““Joey is my heart, my king, my everything. Our kids are our biggest blessings. Today i wear Autism blue in honor of our kids and all the families around the world dealing with special needs family members. God makes no mistakes I pray everyday for everyone and i hope you keep us in your prayers #letsgoduke.”

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Written by Aliyah Collins