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Latto Reveals She Felt Pressured to Get a BBL at 21 Due to Negative Comments About Her Body

Latto Reveals She Felt Pressured to Get a BBL at 21 Due to Negative Comments About Her Body

Latto Reveals She Felt Pressured to Get a BBL at 21 Due to Negative Comments About Her Body. Atlanta rapper Latto revealed on social media that she felt forced to get a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) at 21. The teenage artist explained how online body-image criticism prompted this life-changing action. Latto’s experience shows how internet criticism affects self-esteem and body image, especially for public-facing young women.

Latto previewed a song on TikTok, prompting body-shaming comments. She posted her trip on Instagram after this response. After receiving unfavorable internet remarks, Latto decided to have the operation to boost her self-esteem.

“My body was so tea… I signed my deal when I was 21… actually, I wasn’t even 21 yet… and I was just having money and living a whole new life, eating out,” she expressed on her Instagram Story.

She continued, “Y’all know I’m a foodie, so now I had the funds to feed this foodie in me so I gained a little weight. And everybody on the internet was calling me ‘bad-bodied’ and stuff like that, so I feel like that played a role. I started being a little insecure about my body.”

Latto’s honesty shows how much celebrities are judged by their beauty. Looking back at previous images, she recognizes her inherent attractiveness at 25. However, the criticisms greatly impacted her self-image.

The artist also addressed her continuous criticism for the treatment. Trolls mocking Latto for having surgery don’t bother her. She stressed that she has disclosed her surgery and works hard to maintain her appearance.

Every time she posts a gym photo, people say, ‘Oh, she got a BBL,’ she added. I have been vocal about a BBL I had at 21 and the one you told me I needed. Bihes are in their third or fourth round. I received one BBL four years ago. This is me now, know that. Get up and go to the gym.”

Latto’s story emphasizes self-acceptance and cyberbullying’s harm. Fans are told to be themselves and make decisions based on their own desires, not outside influences.

I think everyone should quit worrying about everyone. Natural girls win. “Surgery girls prevail in BBL,” she said. “Do what works for you and stay private. Decide for yourself, not what others say.”

Latto’s honesty inspires people under pressure. It emphasizes the need for a more accepting and constructive online community where people can feel confident. Her tale emphasizes personal agency and the right to make body-related decisions without criticism or pressure.

Latto’s honesty and resilience are admirable in an industry that values appearance. She empowers fans and raises awareness of body image, self-esteem, and social media’s effects on mental health by sharing her story.


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Written by Jamil Johnson