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Young Thug’s Lawyer Files Motion to Remove Judge Glanville and Requests Mistrial

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Young Thug’s Lawyer Files Motion to Remove Judge Glanville and Requests Mistrial. Young Thug’s lawyer, Brian Steel, wants Chief Superior Court Judge Ural Glanville removed from the high-profile RICO trial. The Monday move seeks to “disqualify/recuse” Judge Glanville and force a mistrial, citing judge-prosecutor wrongdoing.

Jeffery Williams, as Young Thug, is represented by Brian Steel and Keith Adams. One of Georgia’s longest and most prominent trials involves the rapper. Steel revealed an unlawful meeting between Judge Glanville, prosecutors, and Kenneth Copeland, known as Lil Woody, which sparked the trial’s current turmoil.

“The judge was having ex parte communications with the district attorney and a witness,” said Tom Church, highlighting the critical issue at the heart of Steel’s motion.

Lil Woody was arrested on June 7 for refusing to testify against Young Thug. Copeland allegedly told police about Young Thug and the YSL criminal gang’s actions. The next Monday, Copeland consented to testify. Steel revealed that he knew about an ex parte conversation involving Fulton County prosecutors, Judge Glanville, and Copeland.


A judge’s ex parte ruling is made without all parties present. Steel was found in contempt by Judge Glanville for failing to divulge his conversation source. Glanville ordered Steel to stay in Fulton County Jail for 20 days. Steel was released on bond by the Georgia Supreme Court on Wednesday night while his contempt charge is appealed.

Trial attorney Tom Church, who represented Steel, said the judge was having ex parte contacts with the district attorney and a witness. He spoke to the attorney and witness without the defense. Most people consider that improper.”

Steel can represent Young Thug in court despite being in contempt. The case began on November 27, 2023, and has already established Georgia’s longest jury selection record, surpassing the 2014-15 Atlanta Public Schools teacher misconduct trial. The trial’s witness testimony should break state records.

The trial has seen many disturbances, arrests, and charges. Due to the state’s vast witness list, defense counsel worry the trial could last years. Prosecutors want to show that Young Slime Life is a street gang that commits crimes. The defense says YSL is Young Stoner Life, a record label.

Young Thug faces eight offenses under the federal RICO law, which targets organized criminality. Georgia is one of 33 states having a RICO statute that does not need alleged criminal enterprises to exist as long as federal law does. Williams faces charges of possessing marijuana, codeine, cocaine, a handgun, and a machine gun with the intent to distribute.

Williams’ attorneys deny he leads a gang, as prosecutors contend. Williams’ defense claims the charges are overstated and misrepresent his position and conduct.The trial jury has 18 members, including six alternates. One juror was excused for a medical issue, and another for leaving Fulton County.

Steel’s effort to remove Judge Glanville and request a mistrial complicates this already lengthy legal battle. This motion could dramatically affect the trial’s direction and duration.The courtroom is watched for the next step in this landmark trial.


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Written by Jamil Johnson