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Killer Mike Praises Kevin Durant’s “Slick” Collaboration with Stalley: “Scared Money” Release Draws Praise

Killer Mike Praises Kevin Durant's

The Phoenix Suns player has left Killer Mike with a favourable impression.

A shout-out was sent out by Killer Mike to Kevin Durant on Twitter on Friday, in reaction to the Phoenix Suns star’s new collaboration with Stalley, which is titled “Scared Money.”

Durant’s lines were described as “slick” by the rapper who won a Grammy, and he extended his congratulations to Durant on the release.

“Shawty Smooth with the style and slick with the bars,” this is what Mike wrote about the song. I applaud you, Brother.

As part of his participation in All-Star Weekend, Durant addressed the partnership directly on Saturday, when he was chatting with members of the media.

“I doubt I have an album dropping, I just do it for fun,” said the musician.
Earlier, during an interview with Billboard, Stalley provided specifics on the process by which the collaboration came about.

He was quoted as saying, “One day we were talking and he was like, ‘Yo bro, send me a record to hop on,'” when HipHopDX was able to capture the conversation. “I had it [beat] sitting for a short period of time since I was working on my record at the time.

The hook and verse had just been attached to it, and there was a verse that was not yet complete. I’m thinking to myself, “I’m going to send it to him and see what he thoughts.” He promptly returned it to me. When compared to other rappers, he returned it more quickly.

Durant was given an A&R credit on Drake’s song “For All the Dogs” in 2023, in addition to the fact that he had worked on the music that Stalley had created.

The year 2024 has been a career year for Killer Mike, who has been in the middle of a career year.

There were three trophies that he took home at the Grammy trophies, one of which was for Best Rap Album for his project Michael.

Be on the lookout for further updates on Killer Mike and Kevin Durant on Hardknocknews.


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Written by Jamil Johnson