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Blueface Expecting Fourth Child With Bonnie Lashay

Blueface Expecting Fourth Child With Bonnie Lashay

Blueface’s acknowledged side chick recently posted a photo on Instagram displaying her expanding baby bulge.

It is well known that the advent of Blueface’s third kid, Chrisean Jr., was accompanied by a significant amount of discord and contention.

Shortly after the birth of the child, he and the mother of the child went their own ways, and the two former stars of Cr*zy In Love quickly began to tear each other to pieces on the internet.

In the midst of all of that, he shifted his focus back to Jaidyn Alexis, the mother of his first two children, getting her rap career off the ground and even proposing to her.

In spite of the fact that the “Barbie” MC has been rather quiet about their present relationship status, it seems as if they have decided to withdraw their connection.

When Blueface was taken into custody a month ago for allegedly breaking his parole, the situation took an intriguing turn for the better. Chrisean Rock, for instance, started blogging about the performer of “Thotiana” as if they were a couple once again.

Another new addition to her collection is a large facial tattoo of his mugshot, which she received only a few months after she covered up her previous tattoos. The occurrence of this took at about the same time that still another lady, Bonnie Lashay, joined the conversation.

She claims that Bonnie is Blueface’s side chick, and she has also been advocating for his release ever since he was taken into custody after the incident. A number of photographs and videos of the two of them together have been uploaded by her, and she has even lately included her little son in the conversation.

As far as she is concerned, little Armani has a great bond with the rapper, and he is unable to stop talking about how much he misses “Daddy Blue.”

The fact that Bonnie just uploaded a video of what seems to be her developing baby bulge is perhaps more startling than the fact that she is pregnant. Allegedly, she is carrying his fourth kid at this point in time.

The video was accompanied with the message “I’m Nervous💙💫🎪.” “Blue face baby🍼 Stay Tuned.” What are your thoughts on Bonnie Lashay’s assertion that she is carrying Blueface’s kid from the waist down? How likely is it that the rumours are accurate?

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Written by Jamil Johnson