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Kendrick Lamar Gives Surprise Speech at Compton College Graduation Ceremony

Kendrick Lamar Gives Surprise Speech at Compton College Graduation Ceremony

Kendrick Lamar Gives Surprise Speech at Compton College Graduation Ceremony. Kendrick Lamar surprised visitors at Compton College’s 2024 commencement on Friday. The rapper, who has been quiet since his dispute with Drake, gave an uplifting message to the graduating class.

Lamar performed “Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe.” banned at the ceremony. While walking to the stage, he took pictures, shook hands, and hugged graduates, documenting the emotion on his phone. His speech began with a touching tribute to his hometown and graduates.

“I wanted to come out here just to tell y’all how much I appreciate y’all. I’m proud of the city of Compton, I’m proud of Compton College, most importantly I’m proud of the graduates out here,” Lamar told the crowd.

He acknowledged the graduates’ personal and community challenges. Knowing what it takes. You endured suffering in your home, community, and most significantly, in yourself, which is the hardest to overcome. We’re expanding day by day, brick by brick, in both body and spirit, he said.

Lamar connected the grads’ successes to Compton’s pride and identity. In addition to representing the world, seeing you here represents me. In these towns and countries, I can proudly claim, ‘This is where I’m from.’ Still support Compton. Compton has always been my future. I think we produce amazing creatives, thinkers, and talent. We had it early on. So I always screamed this city. Nowhere else is like this, I’ve traveled abroad. Rapper told roaring audience, “No place.”

Lamar, wearing spectacles, a purple ball hat, and a black suit with a white t-shirt, advised graduates to rewrite the narrative about their generation. “Some say this generation lacks potential. Gen Z. Talk about that all day. They try to bring us down by saying we don’t know what we’re doing, he said. “They’re wrong. Because you have more than what it takes—you have the passion and bravery to be independent thinkers. Independent minds. Nothing is more valuable.”

He told graduates that Compton College degrees were as valuable as any other. “This Compton degree is just as big,” he added to applause. “Now it’s about applying these resources and what you learned. Simple as that. As you did up here, you’ll face challenges and afflictions, but guess what? God is behind and around you, period. A period. Every time you stumble and make mistakes, he’s there. He’s there for your victories. Give yourself grace, time to grow, and appreciation since he’s growing with you.”

Kendrick Lamar’s surprise address thrilled graduates and the community. His statements were inspiring and genuine, demonstrating his love for Compton and its future.

On June 19, Lamar will host The Pop Out – Ken & Friends performance at the Kia Forum in Los Angeles. The unique event will stream live on Prime Video.

I came here to tell you how much I appreciate you. Kendrick Lamar remarked, “I’m proud of Compton, Compton College, and most importantly, the graduates.”

Kendrick Lamar’s attendance at Compton College’s graduation ceremony recognized the graduates and reinforced his roots and values in education and community. Those who witnessed his speech will remember it.


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