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Fulton County DA Fani Willis accused of lying about timing of affair with Wade

The controversy unfolded in a recent court filing by Michael Roman, a co-defendant in the Georgia election interference case against former President Trump, with Roman’s attorney, Ashleigh Merchant, asserting that a key witness, Terrence Bradley, would testify against the claimed timeline of the relationship.

“Willis and Wade claim they did not have a personal, romantic relationship before Willis appointed Wade as a special prosecutor, but Terrence Bradley (“Bradley”) will refute that claim,” Merchant wrote.

The accusations add a layer of complexity to an already high-profile case, raising questions about potential conflicts of interest, financial improprieties, and the impact on the ongoing legal proceedings against Trump and his co-defendants. The court’s handling of these allegations will play a crucial role in ensuring a fair and impartial legal process.

The heart of the matter lies in the timing of the romantic relationship between Willis and Wade, with Bradley expected to challenge claims that the relationship began after Wade’s appointment as a special prosecutor.

If Bradley’s testimony confirms a romantic involvement before Willis took office in January 2021, it could have significant implications, suggesting that Wade’s appointment may have been influenced by their relationship.

Michael Roman, a Republican operative involved in Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign, has been actively pursuing Willis’s disqualification from the election interference case, contending that her relationship with Wade poses a conflict of interest.

Roman previously alleged that Wade billed Fulton County for an unusually high number of hours shortly after his appointment as a special prosecutor and that Willis benefited financially from their relationship through shared extravagant vacations.

The recent court filing underscores Bradley’s role as a witness who could dispute the official timeline provided by Willis and Wade. Bradley described as a friend and former business partner of Wade, is expected to testify that the romantic relationship between the two began before Willis assumed office as district attorney in January 2021. This testimony challenges the narrative that their involvement started after Wade was appointed a special prosecutor.

The court documents suggest that Bradley gained knowledge of the affair directly from Wade before Wade filed for divorce from his wife of 26 years. Additionally, Bradley is said to possess personal knowledge that Wade and Willis regularly stayed together at her home until Willis’ father moved in sometime in 2020. These details further complicate the narrative surrounding the alleged relationship and its potential impact on the legal proceedings.

Roman’s legal team has also introduced new details about the financial aspects of the alleged relationship, specifically focusing on vacations taken by Willis and Wade. The court filing asserts that Wade spent thousands of dollars on various trips, including a Royal Caribbean cruise to the Bahamas, a journey to Aruba, a Norwegian New Year’s cruise, a visit to Belize, and a Napa Valley getaway.

If Bradley’s testimony confirms a pre-existing romantic relationship, it could raise questions about whether Willis received significant gifts and benefits from Wade.

The ongoing legal battle not only poses challenges for Willis’s involvement in the election interference case but also raises broader questions about the intersection of personal relationships and professional responsibilities within the legal system. The court will need to carefully navigate these complexities to ensure a fair and unbiased legal process.

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