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Drug Possession Charge Against Rapper Kodak Black Dismissed in Florida

On Friday, South Florida rapper Kodak Black (Bill Kapri) was acquitted of marijuana possession two months after his arrest. Drug trafficking charges against him continue from 2022.

According to the Sun Sentinel, Broward County Circuit Judge Barbara Duffy decided that prosecutors could not disprove the rapper’s pharmacy-filled oxycodone prescription.

We’re glad the drug possession allegation was dropped and hope the tampering with evidence accusation will be too.” – Kodak Black Attorney Bradford Cohen

Plantation police caught Kapri in December for sleeping at the wheel with white substance in his lips. Oxycodone, which Kapri had prescribed in July 2022, was found in the powder after lab tests.

Despite the cocaine possession accusation being dropped, Kapri faces a tampering with evidence charge from the same arrest. Bradford Cohen, his attorney, hopes to drop this case too. Kapri’s bond was revoked in a different case while in Miami federal prison after his arrest. Cohen expects a federal judge to release Kapri after the narcotics accusation is dropped.

A 2022 arrest for opioid trafficking and possession without a prescription brought Kapri into legal difficulties. His bond included frequent drug testing, but he was forced to enter drug rehab for 30 days after missing a test and testing positive for fentanyl. Failure to take another drug test resulted in a June arrest warrant.

In January 2021, then-President Donald Trump shortened Kapri’s three-year federal prison term for falsifying firearms purchase documentation. This legal intervention occurred after Kapri served half his sentence.

Over 30 million singles have been sold by Kodak Black. Kodak Black’s attorney Bradford Cohen was optimistic about the tampering with evidence charge once the drug possession charge was dropped. Kapri’s lawyers are relieved by the legal development.

Kodak Black’s narcotics possession conviction was dropped, relieving him of legal burden in recent months. The continuing 2022 drug trafficking lawsuit complicates his legal predicament. However, the drug possession case’s fortunate outcome may affect other charges against him.

Bill Kapri, as Kodak Black, has had legal troubles throughout his career. He was arrested for narcotics possession and firearms violations. Overcoming these obstacles, Kapri has had multiple hit singles in his music career.

The media and fans have attentively followed the rapper’s legal problems. His fans will likely discuss the drug possession charge dismissal as a positive milestone in his legal struggles.

People have scrutinized Kodak Black’s personal life as well as his legal difficulties. The rapper’s relationships, scandals, and public pronouncements have created news, piqueing public interest in his personal life.

Kodak Black remains a significant music icon with a loyal fanbase and a run of great releases despite his struggles. He is respected in the industry for his ability to handle fame’s ups and downs.

Looking ahead, Kodak Black’s legal team will try to resolve his remaining allegations, including tampering with evidence. The rapper’s career and personal life will be affected by these judicial actions.

The dropping of the marijuana possession allegation is a favorable development for Kodak Black and may change his legal situation. Though facing challenges, the rapper remains focused on his music and career as he awaits further actions.

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