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Democratic Congressman Jim Clyburn Highlights President Biden’s Achievements During His Visit to South Carolina

Democratic Representative Jim Clyburn, a major participant in President Biden’s reelection campaign in 2024, talkedahead of the president’s visit to South Carolina.

Clyburn, who was instrumental in obtaining Biden’s nomination, reviewed the president’s disapproval numbers and underlined the need of emphasizing his economic successes.

Clyburn agreed that President Biden’s disapproval numbers are disturbing and linked them to a broader feeling of national unhappiness.


“People are in a pretty solid mood,” Clyburn said, implying that the country’s current divide is akin to that of 1876 when the election was tossed into the House of Representatives.

He voiced his conviction that those who engineered the events of January 6th were attempting to replicate the result of the 1876 election.

The congressman praised President Biden’s bipartisan record, noting the adoption of infrastructure legislation and the Rescue Plan as examples. “This president comes in quietly, puts up an infrastructure bill, and gets a bipartisan pass,” Clyburn said.

He also mentioned some infrastructure projects and measures that have benefitted South Carolina, despite the fact that some of his Republican colleagues voted against them.

Significant expenditures in North Tulsa, the building of dialysis stations, and the extension of internet connectivity are among these initiatives.

Clyburn addressed voting rights legislation, affirmative action, and student loan relief in response to worries about dwindling support from young and minority voters.

He voiced dissatisfaction with the lack of progress in adopting voting rights legislation and the Supreme Court’s affirmative action judgments.

Clyburn also noted his attempts to promote legislation that would cancel student debts of up to $50,000 per student.

He accepted the Supreme Court’s decision that the president overreached in his executive action on student debt relief but emphasized the need for continuing legislative efforts.

Clyburn also pointed out that people prefer to concentrate on what hasn’t been done rather than what has. He emphasized that hundreds of individuals had previously gotten debt forgiveness prior to the current controversy over the topic.

He asked the people and the media to recognize the administration’s successes and turn the emphasis on the positives.

When questioned about enhancing communication and message, Clyburn emphasized the need for everyone to do a better job, including the president and the White House. He advocated for a move away from negativity and a focus on emphasizing the positives.

Congressman Jim Clyburn highlighted President Biden’s achievements and described continuing efforts to address critical concerns in South Carolina.

Despite the hurdles, Clyburn voiced faith in the president’s capacity to deliver for the people and advocated for a more positive and constructive narrative about the administration’s accomplishments.

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Written by Anthony Peters