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Bronny James and Shaq’s Son Denied Entry to Sweetie’s Birthday Party

Bronny James and Shaquille O’Neal’s son, Sharif O’Neal, was refused admittance to Sweetie’s star-studded birthday party at a Hollywood nightclub.

Sweetie’s 30th birthday was celebrated with a party at Poppy in Los Angeles. However, owing to their age, the young couple were unable to get entry to the elite event.

Bronny James, who was just 18 at the time, was unable to enter the club legally. Despite his celebrity and connections, the age limit proved to be a barrier. Sharif O’Neal, 20, was likewise underage and suffered a similar fate.

While Sharif was of legal drinking age, his presence at the party with Bronny and their juvenile companions resulted in his exclusion.

Bronny and Sharif were noticeably sad as they walked away from the celebration, attempting to escape the gaze of spectators and photographers.

Observers noticed that their casual apparel, including hoodies, did not assist their case, making them seem even younger. The incident garnered criticism since they seemed unprepared and unsuitable for such an elite affair.


Sharif was humiliated by the denial since he may have obtained admittance if he had come alone or with older pals. He proceeded to Instagram to post a selfie with his father, Shaq, who was wearing the same jacket he was wearing when he was refused admittance.

The caption, “big dog,” seemed to be a nod to his basketball ancestors. Many online comments, however, mocked him for trying to demonstrate his rank after being turned down.

This is not the first time Bronny and Sharif have come under fire for their social activities. The two had previously been sighted at several gatherings, including a home party where they were recorded on tape. However, Shakira asked that the video be removed out of politeness.

Bronny and Shakira were sighted at Boosie’s Bellows Club with Sin City and other pals a few days before Sweetie’s celebration. However, they did not seem to have the requisite contacts to get access to Sweetie’s special event.

The problem was heightened when Draft Express published its 2024 NBA Mock Draft, which projected Bronny James as the 17th selection for the Atlanta Hawks.

His father, LeBron James, retweeted the news, indicating his desire to join the Atlanta Hawks with the message “Well ATL, James Gang will be pulling up.” This post spurred Bronny and Shakira to ban the original source, adding to the drama of the issue.

Given their basketball pedigrees, it is evident that both Bronny and Sharif have great careers ahead of them. They must, however, concentrate on their on-court play in order to get recognition and success.

Bronny is a freshman at USC and might be a one-and-done possibility, Sharif just started at USC while Shakira is in his junior year at Texas Southern University.

Despite their well-known surnames, Bronny, Sharif, and Shakira must establish themselves on the court rather than depending on their connections off the court.

The event at Sweetie’s party serves as a reminder that they have a long way to go before they can be considered accomplished sports.

As their basketball careers progress, players should emphasize their growth and put in the required effort to win their NBA places. Attending parties and gaining access to elite events should take a second seat to their efforts on the court.

Only time will tell if they can overcome these hurdles and reach their full potential as excellent basketball players.

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Written by Anthony Peters